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  1. Hormone Replacement Therapy
  2. On TRT, any questions feel free to ask!
  3. TRT Overview for Beginners
  4. blood work done today
  5. thoughts on protocol
  6. My TRT experiences
  7. Low Testosterone Symptoms
  8. Testosterone levels
  9. (HCG) Proper dose and timing
  10. HRT Costs
  11. I am never coming off....
  12. Test results
  13. Primo while on trt?
  14. HRT brothers and sisters! Share your stories and wins!!!
  15. Masteron and TRT want to here your thoughts
  16. Cashout's HRT Exit Strategy
  17. Another reason not to use topicals
  18. If you have quit HCG while on TRT
  19. Petides and their place within trt?
  20. What's your TRT protocol?
  21. A Primer for those considering HRT
  22. what can i do to increase the effectiveness of my hrt?
  23. why hrt?
  24. The Cashout Diet Plan
  25. Subq or im
  26. "One day, I want to get to your level."
  27. My doc is OK prescribing HGH. How do I start researching it?
  28. slin pin injection sites?
  29. Please rate my protocol
  30. Some info for trt guys
  31. just had my blood test done and...
  32. Feds take hgh away from clinics?
  33. My opinion on TRT
  34. Cash: what were you cruising at?
  35. mens testosterone decreasing
  36. how trt helps keep me alive
  37. Been having joint\tendon pain lately no idea why....
  38. study on Test replacement & effect on coronary risk factors
  39. Test Cyp injection messed up?
  40. This is what a DEXA X-Ray Absorption Body Composition Scan looks like...
  41. Army`s TRT principles sucks!!!!
  42. Dont forget to give blood
  43. female trt questions
  44. what things that excludes one from TRT
  45. Brain MRI
  46. natty test question
  47. Should I run Test Prop?
  48. SHBG not tested by doctor? Important?
  49. What is the recommended cruising level of Testosterone?
  50. So what's your regiment?
  51. which panels for a beginner?
  52. Very Thankful for HRT/TRT
  53. My Doctor says "No"???
  54. TRT Clinic review and referals
  55. Couple Different ?? DOC ISSUES & Cruising-- Blasting, keeping gains??
  56. HRT Guys running cycles or "Blasts"
  57. need some good advise ..Please
  58. Stepping up....
  59. Good read for those considering trt
  60. HRT guys where are you hiding???
  61. what else are you taking to keep yourself healthy while on trt
  62. Heart question?
  63. What's good for joints?
  64. Hematocrit on HRT
  65. HRT Improvement Advice
  66. Effect of Successful HRT Transformation on Marriage/Relationship
  67. Me at 54, now on TRT
  68. What Steroids can you stack long or short term with TRT/test if you are going to cruise?
  69. A great way to find hrt clinics or docs in ur areas:
  70. purple splotches on left shoulder?
  71. TRT and/or Clomid??......
  72. TRT ?s
  73. PCT or HRT ?
  74. Cruise vs. Blast
  75. opinions on ENDO or HRT CLINIC?
  76. Clomid as HRT
  77. Lipid Panel Results
  78. Am i doing something wrong?
  79. Recent Lab results..........
  80. Help with aromatase inhibitor
  81. About to go on TRT but want to do something like a short and mild blast to get quick results
  82. More is better?
  83. Testosterone
  84. Just started TRT and testicles already seem to have a dull ache
  85. good doc from out east in west haven ct:
  86. Only been on trt for a week but not feeling very hopeful
  87. One Year later...Post HRT
  88. Does hrt delay muscle atrophy?
  89. Hey Trt Guys. Pre cycle/trt levels.
  90. When to blast again
  91. TRT Pharmacy
  92. need SHBG help
  93. Sub Q Vs IM results
  94. Pay attention to your syringe
  95. An observation...
  96. Don't forget about your E2
  97. Did I screw myself?
  98. helping an older gent with TRT
  99. Free Testosterone
  100. #@#@$ I got her pregnant !
  101. Natural/Herbal Test boosters while "on"
  102. what else raises crit level?
  103. TRT, health and weight loss.
  104. Blood Pressure and TRT - Results
  105. trt or no? need help
  106. Tes C, Bold, Sust, All ok for TRT?
  107. Estro
  108. HRT Newbie / needs help and our advice
  109. How to convert ML into MG?
  110. CMP_MIC COMPLEX...do you recomend this injection?
  111. Weight loss
  112. starting trt at age 21?
  113. Interesting TRT article...
  114. The argument for frequent injecting of Testosterone Enanthate
  115. Testosterone Cream
  116. Doc increases test per week but when is peak?
  117. Need help reading Blood test
  118. How long shall I wait to retake bloods?
  119. Testim Gel.
  120. t levels double with no treatment?
  121. WTF Lab values
  122. My Journey
  123. Blood test. Need help reading.
  124. TR's Protocol Update
  125. Who to see about low Test levels
  126. What my GP Doesn't Understand
  127. How to search for good anti aging clinics?
  128. Test Pellets !
  129. Input your zipcode to find a local TRT clinic
  130. Testicles vibrating/twitching
  131. Trt not working. Need some help
  132. Trt hcg protocol
  133. test cyp expiration date?
  134. New Test Script ULTRA 2 (evern heard of it)
  135. Extras?
  136. Help and advice on reading blood test
  137. advice for unsupervised trt
  138. Rxtra recall
  139. 20 year old guy with 385 ng/dl test levels (contemplating suicide)
  140. LifeXmd
  141. Cholesterol and your hormones
  142. Low T Quiz
  143. LifeXMD's American Hero Program
  144. Starting self prescribed TRT
  145. so is it low t? or could the symptoms be from something else?
  146. 23 and on axiron
  147. What age is trt to young for?
  148. Newbie, testing next week
  149. Bizarre bloods, what are your thoughts?
  150. How long before blood taken?
  151. Got my results, WTF?
  152. What to do??
  153. My test levels
  154. TRT with sustanon
  155. DHEA and Pregnenolone
  156. anybody have success with Cashout's restart
  157. Estradiol vs Estradiol Sensative
  158. The endo just lied to me
  159. No action in the trt thread!
  160. Today is the day
  161. Trt age..
  162. Wacky Doctor
  163. Gizzld's Bloods 5/mo in
  164. Introduce Myself
  165. Blood work.
  166. Libido and beyond..
  167. Ehormone
  168. To whom may be interested
  169. bloods done need an understanding
  170. TRT Doctors
  171. Ulcerative Colitis and Test
  172. 1st trt bloods came in
  173. Well now the gov stepped in about test and heart attacks:
  174. New here but far from new
  175. Pct for someone who has had already low testosterone
  176. Torem Vs CLOMID/Nolva? Restart!
  177. Anyone recommend a good TRT doc in the Chicago area
  178. TRT guy : Advice wanted!
  179. A Great TRT Success Story
  180. Obtained my bloodwork
  181. TRT question
  182. 1 year experiment adding Tren E to TRT regimen (6 months in)
  183. TRT with HGH
  184. Trt Blood work
  185. andriol 40mg testocaps = anyone been on them long term?
  186. Blood levels... do I need
  187. Very good Dr. Experience today.
  188. Blood test question
  189. Trestolone ace? Trt replacer?
  190. Blood work question
  191. Been debating this
  192. TRT info...is this all good or is there misinformation?
  193. Test came back at 190ng/dl....
  194. Tren E question with TRT
  195. TRT and Anavar.....will it work?
  196. Confused about Free T Levels!
  197. VA Doc says Testosterone increases likely hood of heart attack
  198. I prefer Andriol Testocaps to TRT ... so far anyway!
  199. trt and fertility
  200. VA in Long Beach Ca doesn't do Free Testosterone checks only Total!
  201. Aveed ... anyone tried it?
  202. Labs in today
  203. Trt
  204. New Concepts Regarding Testosterone and Prostate Cancer...
  205. Self-prescribed TRT and HRT
  206. I have a really stupid question about filling the syringe!
  207. Do TRT Doc's prescribe Proviron or is it a no no?
  208. Blood work results need advice please
  209. New blood work results need advice please
  210. Miracles come in small vials :)
  211. Follow up appointment with dr. about BW
  212. TRT and Traveling
  213. TRT through VA
  214. HCG Testing
  215. Yo creek where ya at?
  216. for all on trt u got to get this done!!
  217. Hcg only?
  218. Blood results. The idiots messed up the tests
  219. Low Test E / Low Tren A HRT
  220. TRT and cardio
  221. TRT Low Test & Combo's
  222. approved
  223. Recent Hair thinning and loss on HCG& TRT??? Help
  224. What's a good routine for taking test/hcg
  225. TRT questions
  226. Need Advice
  227. Needing HRT source
  228. TRT and first cycle
  229. Insurance Companies That Pay for TRT?
  230. Now i am just getting pissed
  231. My Experience with TRT so far
  232. wow now they got a test nasal spray?
  233. Dave Palumbo at Envizion Medical
  234. low T.... sitting @ 21
  235. trt and anxiety attacks.
  236. just had my t levels checked
  237. Anyone had experience with Royal Men's Medical Center?
  238. Sore Nipples.
  239. TRT cost
  240. Had to quit TRT darn it
  241. TRT and Exemestane
  242. Lessons Learned: SubQ Test Injections
  243. Considering TRT
  244. Quick Question on T scores!!
  245. Attitude and mood with TRT..
  246. Diagnosed with Low T today
  247. What are the Odds of getting prescription grade oxandrolone or nandrolone from a DR?
  248. got my blood work results, couple questions.
  249. TRT - Annual Checkup!!!
  250. Deciding to go trt, how young is too young