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    Strong Enough to Not Look Dumb?

    Keep at it. It only goes up.
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    Contact Free Delivery

    I like no contact delivery. I dont want to talk to the mother ****ers.
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    Merry Christmas

    and Happy New Year. Dont get on here as much as I'd like to but I still think about you guys. Hope everyone is doing well. Big Worm
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    UGBB Recovering Addict/Alcoholics

    Well I made it to page 2 and decided to grab my chew and head out to the garage to have a beer.
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    squats help??

    You ever try front squats?
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    Bulking Up. ( The old school way )

    Problem is they are 155 and 25% and want to be 205 and 10% without eating or putting in the work to do it. Curls and playing with cable machines isnt going to get you big.
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    Updated 2nd video of Rich Piana using the "N Word" -Black chick calls him the same thing

    nigga bitch nigga bitch eyes like a frog, roll on over here and ill **** ya like a dog.
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    Doing heavy singles before main work

    Probably just had a good day. If youve only done it once, try again..See how it goes a second or third time around. Or you have a lot more in you than a 500lb single. Most the time if a guy hits a single for his max or close to it, hes not dropping to 80% of his max and hitting it for sets of...
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    Done all I can do!

    Never seen a cyclist with small calves.....
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    Training with a DL bar

    If you are set on pulling with a standard bar because you believe you are progressing, keeping in mind that lifting is half mental then do some like working up to 80% with the standard and above that use the DL bar. Don't completely drop the DL bar if that's what you compete with because as you...
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    Ever Size Dudes Up ?

    If you've never flipped through pictures and said to yourself god damn that's a big mother ****er and upon closer inspection realized it was aren't that big. X3.
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    People and safety

    **** those things. Surprised no one shot it.
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    Pull ups vs. lat pulldown question

    Pull downs just because you have control of the movement by choosing a weight you can actually handle. If you don't do it already, try coming back up nice and slow and see how you like it. Most people don't really control the weight on the way back up.
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    Be safe

    Something we remind ourselves daily at work. Go home in the same condition that you showed up. I have a fairly dangerous job, to the point if having a minimum of one but normally two extra sets of eyes on the person doing the work. If shit goes bad, it goes real bad.
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    Anyone used a CPAP?

    I have one. Love it. Sometimes I get tired of wearing it and don't use it and I soon regret it.