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    Ultrapanda reviews

    Hi dumb fuck! Welcome. Hows about you quit trolling/spamming and we'll let you live?
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    Dylan Gemelli at

    I hate David Slaton. I've engaged him at meso and here. He was attempting to source. He's the greasiest pos I've ever laid eyes on. Came out of the womb a scum bag. I guarantee if we could find his real name we'd discover that he's wanted by authorities for failing to register. He went South to...
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    Greetings and salutations.

    MSG is one of the forum leaders on the board he mentioned. I'm not as active as I used to be but still have my moments now and then. I registered there in 2006. Things have changed alot. I'm very happy to have you here, MSG. Great board. staff, members, and its all possible because of the...
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    UG - 549 Posts already today

    I don't wanna say it...but I will...I'm back! What did you expect? Numbers to fall off? Seriously, its been since Mugzy's been back. The kid has the Midas Touch.
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    1stop domestic

    I honestly wish things hadn't deteriorated like they have and I apologize for my part in helping things get where they are. I have to admit that I'm jaded when it comes to things of this nature, ironbender. If I'm to take you at your word, and I'm going to try or at least make this post from the...
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    1stop domestic

    Why are you spamming our board? You told us all about your crazy good fortune being able to start you online career as a gear whore. Would be nice to keep all that shit in one spot. Your bloodwork is yours. Meaningless to anyone else unless you're going to post baseline bloods, bloods with a...
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    Free Gear From 1-Stop Domestic has landed

    Have you considered that the mysterious email you got from "someone" who suggested our board to you out of the blue was the place sending you the gear having you join the others in the 1stopdom threads in exchange for the free gear? Its either that or you are flat out full of shit and you were...
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    Juicepal okeedoked me!

    That's the beauty of HPLC testing! The results are the results. New, old, ghey, straight...#'s don't lie like people do.
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    Juicepal okeedoked me!

    Does that mean "No"?
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    Whats Up UGBB Squad!

    Welcome! I was going to ask you about your handle. I figured it was either what lifter posted or thought it may have been the name of the first ugl gear that you ran. A young man was selling gear on Instagram under the brand name Onyx. When you purchased his workout and how to use gear book it...
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    Juicepal okeedoked me!

    Well, how about letting us in on those results? Posting them for other members to view is what we call "Doing the Community a solid". The blood work is for you and doesn't help the rest of us...UNLESS you have established a baseline by pulling blood when you had nothing in your system gear wise...
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    Hello UGBB

    Hey, MM. Glad you're here. MM has what I call a well rounded game. He brings a lot to the table. The videos, the vetting, and what I really appreciate is all the testing and sharing results and protocols. A member who has as much to offer..never mind MORE to offer...I have yet to meet. Pleasure...
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    Free gear from 1-stop domestic arrived today.

    Why not have your white knight come stick up for you? Rick Rock is always welcome. For the last time SG is offline and has been for 4 years. What the fuck don't you understand about that? What the fuck is a stim kit? Where the fuck did they get you? They took you out of the classroom way to...
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    Free gear from 1-stop domestic arrived today.

    What is it you're going on about? You're suggesting I reach out to a few Admins from SG? First of all, there was 1 Admin at SG? "A ton of admins reach out to you"? Are you clear on what an Administrator is? You'll pretty much say anything in an attempt to deflect or to pretend that you're...