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    Not new to the game just relatively new here

    Welcome to underground!
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    Saying Hello!!

    Welcome to ug!
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    ObamaCare TRT

    Absolutely 1 month and you'll be in the 80's....... That is a seriously messed up story, yea obamacare.........
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    Hi everyone

    I'm glad to be back here!! Welcome!
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    Total Noob

    Welcome! lots of good people and knowledge here!!
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    Home Gym Owners- Enter

    Home gyms are awesome, crank the music and go to work! I would hit craigslist tho, a lot of gym equipment is usually on there around here anyways.
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    Sex pics!

    Now thats funny!
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    Anyone's limbs fall asleep constantly?

    I get it all the time also, usually due to high blood count. Usually once I donate I don't notice it as much, still happens occasionally tho...
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    Hi from Brazil!

    WELCOME! Keep up the hard work and it becomes a nice routine. Just watch out for the holidays.............
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    Baking soda?

    Fist? Fist jr? Explain? All I'm saying is look it up, I've read a few articles today from different docs here in the U.S and Germany. Some of the research is surprising, not in terms of lifting but overall body health. I was just wondering if anyone has heard of this or tried it for overall...
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    Baking soda?

    had anyone tried baking soda before lifting to help with lactic acid buildup? I was looking for something to help me kick this bullshit cold I caught from my kids and came across all this stuff about baking soda and how it help the body/ cures cancer/ whitens teeth etc... Has anyone tried...
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    Warning warning

    Holy fu$k I wish I didn't watch that!!! DAYUM THAT WAS A SNAP.......
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    The only thing that helped with my depression was taking test. I actually went to the doc and got my levels tested when I was on the verge of saying "**** it". I found out my t levels were so far in the gutter that it actually was the main reason for my depression.. After getting on HRT...
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    Whats up brothers!!

    Welcome bro!
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    Cialis for bp

    That pisses me off! I just typed this reply and went to post the reply and the ****ing thing signed me off and went to the sign on screen....... Arrrgggghh! My diastolic is usually between 80-95. And my TRT does is just enough to keep me running at 8-900. Every time I see my TRT doc he...