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    DNP and rate of fat loss

    I generally stick around 200mg a day and just run it longer like 21 days. I get good results with that. At 300mg a day the heat is unbearable. Im one of these people that usually don't wear a jacket in the winter not taking anything. At 300mg a day I was sweating outside not working in temps...
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    DNP is not going to help you lose fat.

    Im not sure where you got your information. Ive run DNP and it was very effective. It was actually a great kickstart to my diet.
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    Pre-workout resistance

    Resistance for a lack of better words. I've been taking different types of pre-workouts for years and it seems like none seem as effective anymore. Anyone else have the same issue?
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    Orals Have Arrived

    We will have to agree to disagree.... I've had labs done after running Anadrol at 50mg ED and liver enzymes were elevated significantly. I'm not a drinker either.
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    Test cyp help.

    This is TRT dosing. Its not going to be a "cycle" unless you get additional Test to increase your dosage. With TRT it will be an every week dose. To cycle that would imply you were going to run it for 12 weeks or so and then stop which isnt something you do on trt. Id just run it like the doctor...
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    Anyone else here received the vaccine

    I had fever after both shots. I also had a pretty bad boubt with covid. I was told thats what the vaccine was reacting to.
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    TREN Questions

    Its not extreme androgen very long ester. Should usually start kicking in about week five so that about right. Decca is also one that someone could cruise on because the sides are so minimal. I have more of an old school approach. My cycles will run from 8 to 12 weeks depending on what it is...
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    TREN Questions

    Not really... Typical decca cycle is 10-12 weeks and it will continue to be active for another 10-12 weeks. Like EQ, Decca will stick around a long time. Thats why guys get popped on a drug test because they don't realize how long acting it is. Some athletes have tested positive for the...
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    TREN Questions

    Test, Dbol, and Decca would be an awesome bulk cycle. In fact thats going to be my winter bulk. Hitting it maybe Jan for 10 weeks.
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    DNP- Diabetes and as a precursor to a bulk

    I wouldnt say it cured my type 2 diabetes but 4 years ago I did two DNP runs and my A1C dropped to 5.2 which was low enough to stop taking the metformin. A1C currently 5.7 and I am still not taking metformin.
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    Disabled 44 YR Old Military Veteran New To Body Building

    294 is actually average. V.A. won't put you on TRT until you reach below 150 or at least my doctor wouldn't.
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    Another DNP run...

    Depending on how many times you've run it it may not feel like when you first did. DNP ALWAYS works whether you feel it or not. Where guys run into problems is for whatever reason they feel they need to up the dose and fick themselves up. Stick with the plan and run the course. Thats always my...
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    How to open a Bitcoin account

    I use samurai. Like playstore it does not require any information which makes it anonymous it anonymous especially while using TOR as the Internet browser/VPN.
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    How to open a Bitcoin account

    You can use cash app to purchase bitcoin and to send it.