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    Hi Folks

    Kudos on the screen name. I find it quite clever. Welcome.
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    Someone broke into my house. Help guys.

    Clearly you’re delusional and suffering from paranoia. Get help. Nobody gives a shit about your pictures.
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    Wanted to say “Wuzzzzuuuupppp”

    Don’t like training legs, eh? I get it. Welcome in, gym bro.
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    10/10 response to such an intro. You sir, , are a master. (Zero sarcasm!) I endorse this man’s sentiments. Welcome, trusted brother who we know so well.
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    Tren and Deca

    The combination of the two. Individually they are my two favorite compounds. The only Two I use besides test.
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    Hey everyone

    G’day mate.
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    Tren and Deca

    No issues. I don’t think tren and deca/npp is anything special. I wouldn’t do it again, BUT you’re just talking about a therapeutic dose, so have at it.
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    The Live Picture Thread

    Amazing shot
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    The Live Picture Thread

    My new hometown
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    Divorced and Ready!

    Im definitely issuing Thic and Single on my profile. Thanks 69.
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    Greetings and salutations.

    Whoever gave MSG the poop emoji: that’s a neg rep! And probably not what you meant to do. Welcome MSG, one of my favorite compounds: UMAMI ;) Nice to see some heavy hitters from other boards are starting to notice it’s better here at UG.
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    This OP should easily have 20+ likes. What the fuck is wrong with you people. Incredibly astute of OP to post such crucial existential questions during these trying times. Kudo (yes, just one)
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    THIS is the post you chose to pop in on? Hilarious. Stimulate me, bitch!
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    Pump them biceps up

    I cannot believe you are wearing that shirt bro.
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    S&S...thinking I found my tribe

    Welcome in Broseph.