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    DNP is not going to help you lose fat.

    Most amusing part of this thread was the OP asking for scientific replies to his totally unscientific, and factually inaccurate, post. "I'm going to talk absolute shit and I expect you to counter it with science". That's not how this works my dude. Not how this works at all.
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    Cardio before workouts

    Study says absolutely nothing about whether cardio before lifting boosts muscle. It points to some different molecular signals being activated and then you have to do a lot of reaching from there to get to "may help boost muscle". Oh, and it's acute. Garbage pile. Tiring yourself out with...
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    Stacking fat burners

    There is a science to stacking "fat burners". My advice would be to actually study what each "fat burner" does and then figure out which ones synergize with each other. EC + Clen is stupid. It's just a bunch of "lets hit beta 2 & 3 super hard" and nothing else. Mixing beta agonists together...
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    Catfish alert: Leggoddess

    He has been logging in sporadically throughout the day, every day, since this thread was made. It's...interesting. Leggoddess was a member on meso for 4 years and had access to the women-only section. Clearly, that safe space wasn't safe enough. And I say that as someone who respects Millard...
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    Which program to start for bodybuilding?

    I'm a minimalist so...Full body, 3x week (Mon-wed-fri or w/e) Squats/leg press 3x15 Hip thrusts/glute bridges/leg curls 3x15 Chest press (machine/db/bench/whatever) 3x15 Row (machine/seated/db/bb/whatever) 3x15 Once your comfy, recovery is good, etc - add up to 4 isolation-style moves to...
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    Catfish alert: Leggoddess

    I was not expecting to turn into the bad guy in this thread. Amusing :) Just like I did for BBBG, I'll invite both of you to take your grievances with my morally wrong attitude/immaturity/white knight issues to PM. Or you can always open up a thread in the flame forum and let loose on my ass...
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    Catfish alert: Leggoddess

    Seeking to protect a community from a groomer does not, ever, make you the same as the fucking groomer. I'm not even going to go back & forth with you on this. Our morals are on completely different planets. Lets just leave it at that.
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    Catfish alert: Leggoddess

    I know! Ask Mugzy how pissed I was when he told me. I've spent years trying to protect any female members we get here and to let this slip me by...I PMd people to apologize too. Especially Xyo, our other active female member. I'll happily repeat my apology openly on the board: to anyone who...
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    Catfish alert: Leggoddess

    To add to what Kim said, we know exactly what Mike from NY looks like. When I say we uncovered basically everything - I'm not exaggerating. For legal reasons, we can't disclose it all on the open board. I've said this in the chat and I'm not afraid to state it here: if this guy was in the UK...
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    Catfish alert: Leggoddess Poses across many boards as an experienced female bodybuilder, who uses high doses of anabolics, and has years of experience. Actually? A middle-aged dude from NY that was stealing pics from a well-know Russian female bodybuilder on...
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    My Dating Log

    So he took a break to clean it up, but don't worry the sex was good and both parties were satisfied. She's also still in contact with him and wants him pop back over asap. Don't be acting like I'm the crazy one here.
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    My Dating Log

    I'm mentally unprepared to handle this post. Like...I don't know man. I'm struggling. Hey, at least her standards are super low. Bodes well for the future. Glass half full, see the positive side of life, etc, etc.
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    Ladies, Favorite compounds to take?

    To answer the question - the majority of my girls are big primo fans. Tolerable at a variety of doses with good quality long-term growth. 10-50mg E3D for 12-16 weeks is the average. And with that, I'm back into hibernation. I hope everyone behaves :)
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    My Dating Log

    Two things: 1) If a woman is into you, "too busy" isn't a thing. Too busy = I have other stuff to do that matters more = I'm not that into you. I've had women message me 24/7 in the past, and I've done the same. If they are genuinely too busy, and into you, they'll tell you in advance and plead...
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    Steroidology how the hell am i supposed to get steroids

    I predicted it in 2016. Warned them about it repeatedly on my way to the exit door (no ban, voluntary exit): stop caring about the members that make you = slow, painful, death. Exactly what happened. Happy to say I played my part. Stripped them of at least 10 knowledgeable, regular posting...