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  1. Rip

    High Estradiol

    I had blood work done about a week ago. My Estradiol was in the high range. It was 49.3 pg./ml. Their range is (8.0-35.0) My Testosterone was high, according to Lab Corp. The Total was 1062 ng./ml. Their range is (264-936) and the Free was 37.0 pg/ml. Their range is (8.0-35) I have...
  2. Rip

    Polycythemia - What to do

    Hi, I was recently told that my platelet count was high and I could have a Heart attack or stroke. After reading this, I wondered what most bodybuilders, who are on high doses do about this: While on TRT patients need to be monitored very closely due to the increased the risk of thrombosis...
  3. Rip

    Tight Sack LOL

    I noticed that my balls never hang any more like they used to. LOL. They're always drawn up tight against my body instead. I miss when they used to hang. Hahaha They haven't shrunk considerably...maybe a little smaller. Does anyone else have this problem and is it related to taking Testosterone?
  4. Rip


    Hi Everyone, Where and how can I get my bloodwork tested privately, without going to the Doctor or without the results being sent to my insurance co.? thanks, Rip
  5. Rip

    testosterone cypionate half life

    Anyone ever seen this? Striking Down another Testosterone Myth: 1 Week vs. 2 Week Treatments The . Life Science of Depo-Testosterone At C4MH we constantly hear about someone who knows someone that gets injections every week and that this is a better treatment regimen because the “half life” of...
  6. Rip

    I did an experiment recently with TRT dosage

    I did an experiment recently. I was taking 200mg with anastrozole for years. Occasionally, I would go down to 0.7 or 0.8, but I would continue to take the anastrozole. Anyway, I had gone on vacation and was doing 200mg/week and a half tablet of anastrozole for a few months. When I got back...
  7. Rip

    Going on vacation

    Hi everyone, I'm going away tomorrow and I'll be there for a week. I can't bring anything, so I have to do it before i go. The problem is I did it on Tuesday so it's a little soon. I've been injecting 200mg per week, so I was wondering if I should do the same amount before I leave, or if I...
  8. Rip

    The lowdown on drugs: Kevin levrone, shawn ray and dorian yates speak out!

    Has anyone seen this yet. It's pretty good...It's a 3 part series.
  9. Rip

    How long after dose will level go down?

    Hi Guys, I'm about to have my blood tested soon and I wanted to get my Testosterone levels to go down before going. How long should I expect to wait after my last injection, before my levels go down to a level that would indicate I am not getting a high enough dose? Last time I had blood work...
  10. Rip

    Has anybody seen this?

    Has anybody seen this? What's this all about?
  11. Rip

    Sore Nipples.

    Recently, I've been noticing that my left nipple is sore. I'm taking 200 mg /week of Test C and 1 mg of anastrozole twice per week. It's pharmaceutical grade. Shouldn't that take care of the problem? What should I do? HELP Thanks guys, Rip
  12. Rip

    Safe and healthy to blast - when

    When will it be safe and healthy to do another blast? I finished a low-dose blast in July. 200Test 200 Mast E 100 Tren
  13. Rip


    This is crazy. Since January, my new insurance refused to cover my Testosterone script, because the most recent blood result was too high, according to them. My script at that time was for 1.4mg every two weeks. I argued with the pharmacy and the Doctor about the fact that my original diagnoses...
  14. Rip

    TRT this all good or is there misinformation?

    Is this on the money or should we disregard particular info here? Many guys ask for these details. Here is enough info to get started. You probably will not get your doctor aligned with this without a struggle [or a new doctor]. This is really a small part of what most guys need to know. TRT...
  15. Rip

    Bodyfat guess

    visual guess
  16. Rip

    What's wrong with this?

    What's wrong with this picture? I see this guy at the gym, doing this all the time. I want to say something to prevent him from the inevitable. There's all kinds of messed up form at my gym and it makes my head want to explode if I pay attention to it. LOL. There's this one guy in his late 50s...
  17. Rip

    Dorian's perspective
  18. Rip

    Has anyone seen this? It's bull but ...

    Has anyone seen this crap? These lawyers are claiming that Testosterone Therapy causes heart disease and they are looking to file law suits for anyone who contacts them that had side effects from Test
  19. Rip

    TRT Doctors

    Sometime I think the only way to get what I want is to self medicate. My regular Dr. prescribes 1.4mg of Testosterone every 2 weeks, with no AI. I have been doing 200mg / week on my own. Then, when she checks my blood, it shows up on the high side but it's good. Then, i went to a urologist...
  20. Rip

    Wacky Doctor

    Hi Everyone, Recently, I had my bloodwork done. Total TEST = 938 Free TEST = 231.7 E = 10 This is with 200mg / week. Are these good levels. The Free looks a little high, according to the Lab's range. So my Doctor is copping an attitude. She refuses to respond to the pharmacy and I'm...