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  1. RedLang

    Shoulder pain when squatting heavy

    I seem to get shoulder pain radiating from the top of my shoulder down through to my elbow when I squat heavy (> 80%). It seems to follow the brachialis muscle in the lower part of the arm and where the pectoral muscle attaches. This also happens after the squat as well. Never during. I have...
  2. RedLang

    2nd Cycle Log - Road to 3x bodyweight Dead

    After some time off i have got my 2nd cycle underway. Started Thursday 18th July. Weeks 1-26 625mg Test Enanthate Weeks 1-26 400mg Nandrolone Undecanoate Weeks 1-4 100mg Test Propionate EOD May add Dbol at the end. I will see how this goes. 12.5mg Exemestane EOD. Have Caber on hand for...
  3. RedLang


    Hey bros! Well just came back from NZ snowboarding and it was great! Got my next cycle planned to start end of this month and continue until December or so. Now I'm looking to head to either the States or Canada anywhere from January until March. Want to keep this one as cheap as i can and...
  4. RedLang

    Sterilising Beakers

    What do you guys do when sterilising beakers? do you clean with alcohol then place in oven for 20 mins or is there another way? I dont have access to an autoclave or any fancy equipment and it will just be used mixing powder initially.
  5. RedLang

    Understanding Blood Tests

    A few questions have come up recently regarding blood results. I thought i would round up some information to help those people who are on cycle, or on TRT to know what to look for with their results. I have added small snippets of information for each of the tests. Please use this as a guide...
  6. RedLang

    Q's on routines for Strength

    I have just switched my routine up to focus on more compound lifting and am following a tweaked 531 4 day lifting split with 2 days conditioning. Now with this style of training i am doing a few sets of 5 one week, 3 next, 1 next and upping percentages, then every 4th week deloading. Adding 5kg...
  7. RedLang

    Dorian Yates - Into The Shadow

    Found a great video of Yates. Did a quick search to see if its posted here elsewhere but didnt come up with anything
  8. RedLang

    Red Cycle Log

    Time to start my log of my first cycle. First pin will be Sunday, moved it forward one week. 500mg Test E for 14 weeks Anavar 50mg ED weeks 6-14 (Morning, Night) 12.5mg Exemestane EOD Stats Age: 26 Height: 170cm Weight: 69.2kg - 152lbs Deadlift: 160kg Bench: 80kg (176lbs) Squat: 160kg...
  9. RedLang

    Blood Pressure and TRT - Results

    Posting up some blood pressure results. These are my own Post TRT results. TRT started roughly in April last year and i have been taking my blood pressure from before and up until now. I cannot contribute the results totally on TRT, as my diet, weightloss, and even psychological health have...
  10. RedLang

    Intro! Wall of Text

    Thought id throw in an intro since i haven't already. Apologies for the wall of text bros. Start from the start. Trt journey, Lifting, Diet Tune. Now Age: 26 Height: 170cm (5 foot 6 i think) Weight: 87kg (191lb) I started out on Ology, looking for answers to some questions i had. Was tired...
  11. RedLang

    Sub Q Vs IM results

    Dr Crisler has suggested that Sub Q might have an impact such as lower dosage keeping bodies serum testosterone levels at the required level. I early indications that this may be correct. I have changed to sub Q injections into the abdomen once every 5 days and honestly prefer it more than...
  12. RedLang

    First Cycle Opinions

    Age: 26 Bf: 10% estimated Height: 5'6" Weight: 69kgs (152lbs) I have been working towards my cutting goal of getting abs, of which i am very close. I have the abs now, but want them to come out more, so im expecting around another 5-6 weeks of cutting. I have been lifting for 2 years...