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  1. Yaya


    Just talked to my uncle Giovanni (full blooded Italian)... I asked him what the most insulting thing a non Italian can call him and he said "fredo"
  2. Yaya

    Good Friday

    I'd like to take a moment to thank Jesus for coming to this earth May God bless you and your families this holy weekend and through the saving , passion and death of jesus christ. May we all come to everlasting joy, peace , and love in his resurrected life.
  3. Yaya

    WHO has more power ?

    A mod on UGBB or a future SI pro...?
  4. Yaya

    Happy July 4th

    Gonna be a lame one for me this year For everyone else, enjoy your day and drink up. Mel Gibson and Donald Trump #1
  5. Yaya

    Mixing different oils

    Let's say i have 2 oils I wanna mix in one shot. Let's say one uses GSO as a carrier and the other uses MCT. Is it ok to mix the 2? Example: 1cc of sus in gso 1cc of mast e in mct . If mixed together is that Ok? Will it cause a reaction ?
  6. Yaya

    America and North Korea

    I'm so happy and proud of our leader for trying to make peace
  7. Yaya


    Burgers aren't even good.. wtf Im lost
  8. Yaya

    Blood in sperm

    Asking for a friend.. He's 47.. been cruising 250 mg of test a week for a year. Two weeks ago he blew a load and it had blood In it.. then he was good.. well this past weekend he noticed blood again. I told him get off the test for a few weeks and see what happens. This happened to me years...
  9. Yaya

    Questions about Boston

    Ask any questions you may have. I'm am like an expert and I've lived here for tons of years. I'll try to answer them. It's a whacky place. Strangest thing for me to get used to at first is the homosexual population. Many races. 2 languages. 98.5 is the best sports radio in Boston. Bunch...
  10. Yaya

    Protein Powder Will Murder YOU!!

    Hi Oh no.. oh no
  11. Yaya

    elite pharmaceuticals

    A buddy of mine picked up a few vials of tren from"elite" pharmaceuticals.. He knows I belong to forums so he asked me to look into it. After searching I found out its actually a domestic from uncle Z. I told him the deal with Z and how is shit is known to be under dosed at best. Just a heads...
  12. Yaya

    oily skin, with bad odor

    My buddy is currently running test at 600 mg per week and told me his skin is very oily and even has a stench coming from the oil on his face. .. I told him to use a good facial wash.. he claims the this all started with him jumping on test... any idea why all the sudden this is going on? He's...
  13. Yaya

    Always remember to tip good

    When tipping a bartender make sure to always pay the first round outright and tip him good off the bat . Always tip good at a hotel, strip club and church
  14. Yaya

    North Korean ping pongs

    Now they are testing H-Bombs???!!!! WTF!!! Let's get them FAST
  15. Yaya

    fuk guns, what's up with Chipotle???

    I find it weird that just a few months ago they scored high on some fast food quality test and now everyone is getting the shits after they eat chipotle I bet it's someone in the competition doing some sort of "fast food terrorism"..trying to make chipotle look bad
  16. Yaya

    snot rockets

    I love Asians like almost everyone else does. But why do they blow out snot rockets all the one in public areas? in particular the older ones
  17. Yaya

    Damn elf

    When should the elf on the shelf be placed? Is it time? Or to early?
  18. Yaya

    Trumpy not losing steam

    Love him or hate him He's your next president
  19. Yaya

    this weather is crazy

    Anyone from the north east? Damn it's warm
  20. Yaya


    This time of year makes me wanna take some dbol and stuff my face... set some p ' sniff...ahhhhh