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  1. Hero Swole

    2015 Post cycle therapy

    Is there a reason for you to come off? The reason I ask is because your going to lose alot after B&C. Just prepare yourself mentally. Anyways, forget about tapering off. I'd say just go straight to the hcg 2 weeks after your last pin. I would run the hcg at 2000iu a week for 3 weeks. Then go...
  2. Hero Swole

    Marriage, children and stress

    No disrespect or anything but there's a lot of bs on this thread. Let's be real who the **** wants to be a stay at home dad? What kind of woman wants to be with a stay at home dad? Would you rather have your dad prepare your lunchbox in the morning before school and have the dinner table ready...
  3. Hero Swole

    lets all welcome 502

    The pics of the old and young bar sluts were hilarious.
  4. Hero Swole

    SFG's Training Log

    Thats some heavy benching. Do youe even torn lat?... Sf, I made a 3 board; used it today and it felt pretty good. I have extra materials to make either a 1 board or a 2 board. Which do you recommend?
  5. Hero Swole

    kai greene guest pose

    He's not gay he has a girlfriend. ... buahahaha
  6. Hero Swole

    Will prop help keep hematocrit from rising?

    I would get a hematologist that doesn't know your on trt. He can then diagnose you with what dys talked about. Then you get how many phlebotomy you want.
  7. Hero Swole

    Will prop help keep hematocrit from rising?

    The only thing over the top is your hematocrit. It comes with the territory.
  8. Hero Swole


    Admire the balls for having a random spotter with 395 on the bar lol... heal up old lion.
  9. Hero Swole

    Looking to "lose"my virginity with Loosie

    Thanks S4L. Lol... I guess I've been watching too many youtube videos. I always thought 1700 total ducked because I used to watch ben rice all the time and he has like a 1840 total natty at 209.
  10. Hero Swole

    New to UG

    Welcome too... Sports Ilustrated?
  11. Hero Swole

    Looking to "lose"my virginity with Loosie

    Looking to do my first meet. Any advice on federations, peaking programs, whatever hell else I may need to know? I need at least 16 weeks. I tweaked my back badly a couple months ago so I'm working my back up to my numbers. I have high hopes to being close to 1700 lb total by then. Weight...
  12. Hero Swole

    Dating sites

    I ain't got balls but I sure have game.
  13. Hero Swole

    New old guy

    Didnt know people lived in Maine. Welcome aboard.
  14. Hero Swole

    I'm hulksmash, AMA!

    Closet redditor here.. ughh
  15. Hero Swole

    Ugbb needs a slogan

    I'll trade you this one for a mathew mcgonoghey one. Alright. Alright... Alright...
  16. Hero Swole

    Why is everyone out of HCG?

    So hcg work better during cycle and clomid for restart?
  17. Hero Swole

    Hiding your Gear - How to

    Three may keep a Secret, if two of them are dead. -Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard's Almanack (1735).
  18. Hero Swole

    Wandering eyes on cycle

    Ayy papi, didn't know you could work it so hard. [emoji5]
  19. Hero Swole

    Wandering eyes on cycle

    I say... **** her right in the pussy! . . . Just kidding ; l