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  1. Patriot1405

    WTC, Never forget!!

    These are some pictures I took while working at Ground Zero Never Forget!! [emoji174]
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    Anyone have any insight or experience with this? Supposed to stimulate your pituitary to increase your own growth hormone.
  3. Patriot1405

    DNP and Chlorthalidon

    Hey everyone, I found an old stash of DNP that I plan to use. I’ve done a few DNP runs before with great success and no issues. My bottle contains 18 of “D’s” famous capsules. Probably going to take 1 cap for 4 days, then 2 caps for last 7 days for 11 day total run. My question is I was just...
  4. Patriot1405

    Rotator cuff surgery finally here

    Well finally got my surgery scheduled for Thursday the 6th. Both rotators are torn. I go for the second one in February. Haven’t worked out in 4 months. The gym was my therapy. won’t be able to really get back till next summer. Lost a lot of size but trying to keep my head right and looking...
  5. Patriot1405

    Rotator cuff surgery

    Hey everyone, I’m 54, and having rotator cuff surgery in August. Do you think HGH, would help in healing and recovery? Maybe IGF-1?
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    Sleep Apnea

    I know this is off-topic, but I just had a sleep study done and was diagnosed with sleep apnea. Wondering if anyone here has the same condition and what mask they prefer for their CPAP machine
  7. Patriot1405

    alleviate their arthritis

    Wondering what members here do to alleviate their arthritis? I have been diagnosed with osteo not rumitoid arthritis. It centers mainly on my knuckles and the first joint down my fingers. Can be excruciating at times. I'm in construction, so constantly using my hands. I'm 52 years old, so still...
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    Need advice

    Okay so heres the deal, my TRT doctor passed away earlier this year. was with him for a few years, he knew i cycled, (he did as well) had me on a prescribed dose of 200 mg a week. Since his passing i just returned to my old GP. who agreed to continue my therapy after he examined me. Long story...
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    Tapatalk down?

    Anyone else having troubles logging on with tapatalk today?
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    Cytomel at beginning of cycle

    Well, bulk season is over, starting my cut cycle this weekend. Cycle consists of TPP, tren and mast. Have done quite a few tren cycles before, either with test equal to or above my tren dose. This time I'm going to try more tren than test. My last cycle was 700mg a week of each compound. This...
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    Movie downloads

    Seems as of late the movies I download are not in .rar format, but in .z01 format Anyone know what app I can use on a Mac, to uncompress these file types?
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    Happy New Year!!

    Wishing everyone here at the Underground, a safe, healthy and happy new year!!
  13. Patriot1405

    Merry Christmas!!!

    Hoping everyone here at the underground, enjoys a happy and safe holiday!!!
  14. Patriot1405

    Tough mudder

    Anyone here ever try this? The proceeds go to the "wounded warrior project" it's a 10-12 mile obstacle course, I'm looking to give it a shot. Just wondering if anyone had any experience with it.
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    While I still don't have power because of hurricane Sandy, my problems don't compare to the amount of people who lost everything. People just standing in front of whats left of their houses crying. Brings tears to my eyes! These are some images of the Rockaways and Broad Channel in queens NY...
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    Pictures I took whilw working at Ground Zero

    Today marks it's 11th anniversary
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    Patriot1405 here!!

    Hey everyone, a pleasure to be here. I see some familiar faces already. New to this board, but not new to the scene! I'm 48 years old and married 26 years. Been cycling now for about 6-7 years, also on prescribed TRT. Hope to learn a lot from all of you, as well as share what knowledge I have...