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  1. Dtownry

    Stay at home husband trying to become a trophy husband

    Finally some decency, figures it's my brother Joli. Brilliant as usual. This ****ing thread might just bring me out of god damn retirement... First, holy **** man. Second, welcome. Third, holy ****. I'd throw some bjj and Thai boxing into that beautification regimen of yours. Trophy...
  2. Dtownry

    Mission accomplished here at UGBB

    I know I haven't been engaged like I used to be but I keep an eye from afar. By far the best group of people around. I don't know what was happening exactly but I do know I'm happy it has been resolved and I'm happy to be a part of this. This site, and all of you, have made such a big...
  3. Dtownry

    Mission accomplished here at UGBB

    I don't even know what's going on. Can you give Cliff's notes? What do you need me to do brother?
  4. Dtownry

    Sup dudes

    Hey man good to have you back. I hear you about the clothes...same issue hear. Only one way to fix that brother...get after it man.
  5. Dtownry


    Welcome, good to have you. Need a pic-have to see how cute you are.
  6. Dtownry


    LOL Too funny, I asked this same question to POB years ago. I said "damn man this tastes like Everclear." He said "yeah dummy because it is Everyclear."
  7. Dtownry

    Beneficial exercises you hate

    Heavy high rep RDLs. Nothing can replace them and nothing can make you dread sitting down on the toilet quite as much.
  8. Dtownry

    Seekers old school bulk squats and milk

    Was 180 lbs back in the day, did 5x5 and GOMAD for a couple months. Went to 215 and on to multiple USPA State records at 230 and 242 years later...but GOMAD was my starting point. It's a good place to start and it works.
  9. Dtownry

    New guy

    What Jin said. Welcome.
  10. Dtownry

    another new guy on the board

    Hey brother welcome aboard.
  11. Dtownry


    I take the capsules usually. If you get the powder it's very hard to mix in water and is hard to stomach. No it doesn't taste like battery acid, it tastes like dirt, mixed with wheat grass, mixed with ass. It's pretty bad.
  12. Dtownry


    I love it. Been taking Urban Ice brand for several months, red bali 3-5 grams a day in the morning. Chills me out, reduces appetite, helps me focus, good mood, and reduces my back pain to almost non-existence. No it's not improving my DL but it has it's place in my regimen. Well maybe it...
  13. Dtownry

    Hello from Sweden

    The Swede. You're ok in my book. Welcome.
  14. Dtownry

    Fellas, I'm back

    Thanks guys, appreciate the welcome. I need to get into some of these threads see what the hell you have all been up to.
  15. Dtownry

    Fellas, I'm back

    Hey guys, hope you are all well - it's good to be back. It's been a long couple years for me, good but different. Got married again, moved cross country, been doing IVF with my wife for the last year and finally have a little on the way. With all of this training has been on the back burner...
  16. Dtownry

    New here

    Welcome man
  17. Dtownry

    Old member from back when this was SI. Glad to be back

    Welcome back brother. . .looking big.
  18. Dtownry

    USPA American Cup -live stream-

    I have my thoughts on o'hearn as well but I'm pretty sure he's stronger than anyone here. You ever see his squat for birthday reps with CT Fletcher? Dude is pretty tough.
  19. Dtownry

    logging coming off no pct

    You're nuts. Why? I came off a long blast cruise and did an overkill Pct and still felt like dog dick. Good luck dude.
  20. Dtownry

    any good preworkouts out there anymore?

    Ditto POB. I drink coffee if I'm really dragging. I want to rely on my on intestinal fortitude and not some supplement. Need to learn to train hard even when you don't feel up to it. Mental strength is just as important as physical.