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  1. Rot-Iron66

    My Dating Log

    Strange dating world out there. Wife and I have been together since 1983 when we were 16, we are now 55. Married since 1989 (actually 32 years today, anniversary). Cant believe in 2 years (2023) it will be 40 years since our first date. I wish you "phone-date" guys best of luck...
  2. Rot-Iron66

    Friday night training. What’s on your agenda today?

    I go at 6 AM in the AM now. FRI's are back day. Wife and I rejoined local gym after using home-gym full-time over last 2 years (Normally member of both commercial and home for variability). She does same routine as me (just about). Deadlifts - 8 sets Lat Pulls - 4 sets Seated Rows - 4 sets...
  3. Rot-Iron66

    Peer Reviewed study on Ivermectin as a prophylactic/treatment

    This is what was being pushed maybe, but its a lie. The Vax doesnt even protect the Vaxxed from getting it, only helps with symptoms (supposedly). Not sure if that's even proven (the symptom thing). ** shrug **
  4. Rot-Iron66

    Someone broke into my house. Help guys.

    Troll account, please go elsewhere for this foolishness...
  5. Rot-Iron66

    Any good blood pressure monitors?

    Brought my Omron to the gym, we have one of those large sit-down ones in the gym like they have at Pharmacies and Walmart, etc. Tested on both, and both were right on with each other, same readings... (Like a couple point off, etc). 118/69 121/71
  6. Rot-Iron66

    Anyone else here received the vaccine

    The virus has not caused most of the issues we are seeing these days related to COVID, corrupt/greedy people have caused all of this. Its pretty sad what is happening. I wont get the Vax (as of now) too much unknown, too much cancer and heart disease in my family for me to try to "chance it". Im...
  7. Rot-Iron66

    Juicepal Is this stuff a scam ?

    Lifter, thx for that info on how some conduct their testing and your thoughts on JP. Good to read (for a change) how some perceive a lab, where on some forums, its just vendor butt-kissing (without any real bloods) or anything else to back it. (Like 'going by feel'), etc...
  8. Rot-Iron66

    Anyone else here received the vaccine

    Friend works (Nurse) at large (well known) hospital in Boston. Said all the scare tactics were just that, never a bad RONA outbreak filling beds like the media lied about. I work for a company of 100K people. Large presence in India. (Zero RONA deaths) Company keeps us informed. So I know zero...
  9. Rot-Iron66

    Peer Reviewed study on Ivermectin as a prophylactic/treatment

    But Fauci's company who owns a patent on the Vax wont make their billions???
  10. Rot-Iron66

    Anyone else here received the vaccine

    Probably mostly safe, though doesnt do much, especially for new variants. Some folks may die from the jab, though rare. A gal I went to HS with, her 30 yr old daughter just died from the Vax, she's a teacher and was pushed into getting it or they'd fire her. She was never sick, never had THE...
  11. Rot-Iron66

    Covid... we kicking this or BS-ing

    Yeah, Ill believe all their pretty little pictures, hell all they ever do is tell the truth. ** eye roll **
  12. Rot-Iron66

    The best built natural bodybuilders over arnie

    Of course he wasnt natty, known steroid user and gang member Craig Monson. And why "over Arnie"? makes no sense, Arnie wasnt natty, no one was in IFBB. (Mike Ashley says he was, but who knows).
  13. Rot-Iron66

    How many of yall reside in Texas

    Still better than Pervy Joe the diaper shitting child-molesters basement... :) "Me and ole Cornpop, the bad dude man, Cmon"...
  14. Rot-Iron66

    What's out there like Ultimate Orange

    Original Ultimate Orange was great. Some decent PWO's these days, but I only need a drop. Example - I just bought Gaspari Superpump Aggression, but replaced the scoop with one that is 1/4th of the dose. I just like a tiny boost when I need it...
  15. Rot-Iron66

    What video game will always be nostalgic for you?

    I did have that one (Pong) and hated video games ever since... Never got into them. WE actually went outside and played sports back in those days. :)
  16. Rot-Iron66

    Current Maxes for Big 3...

    55 year old manlet (5' 6" 200 lbs). Gym number still holding. (This AM) - Bench - 305 x 3 SQ - Still doing 405 x 3 DL - 495 x 1
  17. Rot-Iron66

    So i got the vid.... Covid

    Its a minor flu-bug for 99.8% of the world... MSM has everyone scared.
  18. Rot-Iron66

    Fauci: CDC looking at changing mask guidelines

    Libturdz are brain-dead, that is all... Biden-><-Down Syndrome Kids
  19. Rot-Iron66

    Amazon Prime Movie- Anabolic Life

    A decent comedy. Hysterical...