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  1. Metalhead1

    Balls Out Mock Meet

    Due to my given situation, I had to cancel my meet. So, my gym group held a mock meet we appropriately called the BALLS OUT meet. I'll post the trophy when it arrives. Learned a lot. Hit my numbers. Went 8/9 with an unofficial total of 1674. Squat opener 573 Squat 606
  2. Metalhead1

    EliteFTS has ended their relationship with Metal Powerlifting Gear As title states. Effective immediately, EliteFTS has ended their relationship with Metal Powerlifting. Smart decision by Dave and Elite. Dumb, dumb decision...
  3. Metalhead1

    PrivateMD price increase

    Got an email from them saying the Labcorp prices have gone up. Making PrivateMD increase theirs as well. The female hormone panel has gone from ~$70 to $191.99. Big ****ing increase. That's their price. They have links for Labs MD with prices that resemble the original prices. Labs MD use...
  4. Metalhead1

    JM Blakley Bench Techniques

    Need help with your bench technique? Watch this master explain how to setup properly, and all backed by physics. Lengthy, but very helpful and informative throughout.
  5. Metalhead1

    Hack Squat from Hell

    This shit looks brutal, and fun. I've done blood deprivation sets on the leg press in similar fashion, but not with the hack squat due to equipment.
  6. Metalhead1

    Metal's Peak

    First powerlifting meet is in 3 months. Training style is staying conjugate throughout, with emphasis on accomodating resistance. Current weight is 260. Daily calories are staying 4500. Dropping a day and doing 5 days a week for more recovery, plus cardio. Im not looking at dropping weight...
  7. Metalhead1

    Need new squat shoes?

    I found these on amazon. They're $130 everywhere else, but if you wear a 13.5 or above like me, yoy can get them for $15. Just received mine today and they are NICE...
  8. Metalhead1

    Shoulder lagging on press

    During bench press, as I go to press off my chest, I get about halfway and it seems like my right shoulder is dragging while my left is moving up smooth. It happens on bench and close grip from what I've noticed. Any ideas?
  9. Metalhead1

    Arm pain during squats

    Never had the issue before until today. Did bench first, then moved on to squats. Did fine during warm ups, until I got working sets. First working set put a lot of pressure on my wrists. So, I put my wrist straps on, which probably put more stress on my arms. Got set up, pulled my shoulders...
  10. Metalhead1

    RIP Tom Petty

    Never got to see him in concert, but he wrote some damn songs that will stand the test of time imo
  11. Metalhead1

    First cycle in 3 years

    First cycle in a while. I ran multiples between 2013 and 2014. Between test, deca, tren, and tbol. Just had bloods done before this and according to the Dr bloods were within range. 29 6'2 230 15%bf Cycle Test P 100mg EOD at least 12 weeks Epistane 20mg weeks 1-2, maybe increase between...
  12. Metalhead1

    any other musicians here?

    Looking for people to collaborate with musically online. I do my own recording, guitars, vox, bass, and I use a drum machine atm. My influences are meshuggah, tool, aic, slipknot, breaking Benjamin, and many others. Just depends on the mood. If you're interested let me know and we can discuss...
  13. Metalhead1

    Getting prepared

    So ive been blasting and cruising for over a year now. Just over 14 months to be exact. Thought it was a great idea to do at the time. Ive done research, bloodwork, ancillaries, the whole nine. I was ready for the long haul. Ive basically been blindsided by something out of my control, which...
  14. Metalhead1

    Arnolds blueprint I stumbled upon this routine recently and just started it. It seems to be a good routine so far. Nothing groundbreaking at all or anything new really. Definitely has a lot of reps but that doesnt bother me at all...
  15. Metalhead1

    t3 affect

    I started t3 a few weeks ago at 50mcgs. Slowly increased dose and now im at 100mcgs ed. I have noticed my heart rate is slightly elevated (90bpm resting) and a tad of irregularity ever so often. Does this sound common?
  16. Metalhead1


    New on this forum but not to aas. I also see ALOT of familiar mofos! Lol