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  1. RedLang

    Smolov write-up

    Great work yeti. My hips took a thrashing from the smolov program. It definately tests your mental strength some days!
  2. RedLang

    Forum setting: What am I missing?

    Try embedding the photo with the link through photobucket or imgur. You will still be able to see the pic here and it doesn't use the boards resources.
  3. RedLang

    I was young and dumb

    The advice from the blokes is spot on. Diet should be tighter mate. If your getting fat then it's simple. Either not training correctly or smart, and/or tailoring it to your caloric needs. Do you sleep enough? Sleep deficit is most certainly real and can have a shitty impact on everything you...
  4. RedLang

    7 reasons NOT TO SQUAT = TRUTH

    Very funny mate! Good find.
  5. RedLang

    Is this a good plan to burn body fat

    I forgot how easy it was to add muscle.
  6. RedLang

    Shoulder pain when squatting heavy

    Ok so after an anatomy revisit and some thinking, I think I may have tight pectorals placing pressure on the brachial plexus nerve tree. What led me to think this is my bench work has increased and I didn't increase my mobility work for chest or shoulders. The problem is when squat, the pain is...
  7. RedLang

    Global warming

    I most certainly believe we are negatively contributing to the CO2 release. And unfortunately, like most disaster situations, someone is trying to extract a profit. It won't be us that has to deal with it either, It will be our children and grandchildren...
  8. RedLang

    Shoulder pain when squatting heavy

    Will try the thumbless grip today and on heavy day and report back. Thanks
  9. RedLang

    Shoulder pain when squatting heavy

    I always squeeze my shoulders blades together before any lift and use a standard grip. Should I go thumb less?
  10. RedLang

    Shoulder pain when squatting heavy

    I seem to get shoulder pain radiating from the top of my shoulder down through to my elbow when I squat heavy (> 80%). It seems to follow the brachialis muscle in the lower part of the arm and where the pectoral muscle attaches. This also happens after the squat as well. Never during. I have...
  11. RedLang

    pct time is over for bb

    Bahahaha BB you crazy boy. Get big brother. .. cruising is great
  12. RedLang

    Aussies Everywhere

    I Lurk around :)
  13. RedLang

    Aussies Everywhere

    Australia is a great place. Hot most of the time in Queensland, but damn near one of the best countries in the world to live. Visit if you ever get the chance. ... you want regret it!
  14. RedLang

    Thought I'd share a training ending injury I had

    Nasty tear. You should now have monster legs after that year off chest
  15. RedLang

    Critical - Spongy's Wife

    Prayers are with you and your wife Spongy. I wish her a speedy recovery
  16. RedLang

    Front Loading A Test Only Cycle

    I have front loaded test only cycles and didn't really find any noticeable difference. I won't be frontloading test again, I'll just be sticking to a standard dosing protocol.
  17. RedLang

    Do you even lift?...

    This is funny! This guys whole channel is hilarious. I watch them while doing cardio
  18. RedLang

    16 year old squats 780

    Wow impressive... I thought i was doing good hitting 430.... A 13yo out squats me hahaha.....This is just nuts. This makes you think are these young ones running orals or any form of performance enhancement?
  19. RedLang

    1st trt bloods came in

    POB what about changing dosing? Or are you trying to get as much test as you can through your physician? EW injections or even every 5 days will produce a much more stable result. Although as for feeling, i dont know whether you would notice the difference. Allow the test to reach peak levels...
  20. RedLang

    Slin pins & 25g 5/8"

    I used 25g 3/4" for every spot, any oil. Some oils are thick and take a while if shooting 2-3ccs. Heating helps though. I use slin pins for hcg.