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  1. blundig

    Been pissing blood very frequently for 17 hours

    I guess I better go to the doctors, huh?
  2. blundig

    I Got Old Today

    I'm 71 and of course as you get older things can get harder. But today, you know how you are watching a fight and someone suddenly looks kind of old and washed up? I just finished chest and back and man I reached that moment.
  3. blundig

    Arm workout perspective please

    I've been working out for 57.5 years. Bodybuilding you'd have to say, not really powerlifting. Never juiced, and work out alone because I like it, need no external motivation, except this post, and it's no hassle in my well equipped basement. What's a good, strong curl workout for me, consisting...
  4. blundig

    Time of Day When You Are Strongest?

    For me, as for many, it's late afternoon, but it's usually inconvenient. Morning I find great as far as centering for the day, but that's a different thing. Then you have the owl/lark dichotomy some people use as when you would be the strongest, with morning being for the larks, who wake up...
  5. blundig

    Rice----Why highly touted here?

    To the old timers I started with in NYC years ago, and reading from the classic guys and the old magazines, rice was considered basically junk food--empty calories. Yet it's a common dietary staple mentioned favorably here. From a nutrition standpoint it's nothing compared to a potato. Potato...
  6. blundig

    Quest Protein Chips

    Anyone else like these? They really improved them. They used to taste like chalk but they're good now. Just ate 2 bags, which is a total of 280 calories, 40 grams of protein, and 8 grams of carbs.
  7. blundig

    This forum is inspirational

    I've gotten "pumped" in joining this forum a few days ago, and seeing the culture of maturity and mutual respect. I was even able to do some old school reminiscing! So, being psyched, I've added to my workouts. For example, in doing bicep/brachialis today, after my regular 6X6 sets I added...
  8. blundig

    Anyone do anything similar to this?

    In the last year I've gotten decent strength gains by primarily doing 6 sets of 6 reps for each major muscle group, as heavy as I can go. That's back, chest and legs three days a week , and arms, shoulders and calves 3 days a week. I feel 6 reps works for me as a happy medium to get the...
  9. blundig

    Just to fit into the culture and informal rules here

    Is there a formal rule on how much you're allowed to exaggerate the weights you use? The standard 15%?
  10. blundig

    Introducing Myself Like A Normal Person

    Well, accurate or not, that's what the section verbiage said to do. I'm 71 years old, 6 feet 217 pounds, and have been lifting and bodybuilding for 55 years.