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    Raloxifene and gynocomastia

    Interesting video from Vigorous Steve. Summary: he has gyno that was ~14 years old. He ran Raloxifene for 12 weeks total; 8 weeks at 60mg, then he increased to 120mg for the final 4 weeks. The reason he is discontinuing Raloxifene is because he said it's linked to blood clots; even though the...
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    Post equipment deals

    This thread will be for people to post up good deals on equipment; used or new doesn't matter. I'll get the ball rolling
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    Titan SSB - Scratch and dent sale

    FYI, I'm a big fan of this bar, and everything I've bought from Titan so far. This is a good deal for anyone in the market; especially since shipping is free.
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    Grunting makes you stronger

    I was bored and decided to see if there were any studies on making noises while working out. To my surprise there are actually several. Now the sample sizes are small, and I question the methods in the studies, but it was amusing to me all the same. Heres an abstract from a study reviewing the...
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    Cost of MRI billed to insurance

    In case anyone was curious what radiology charges insurance for an MRI, here you go. I wonder how much cheaper the total would be if I paid out of pocket instead of going through insurance.
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    Safety squat bar flash sale

    I literally just bought this last week.. MF'er. Anyone in the market, this sale will save you $50
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    I've converted to fish-dom

    I am leaving humanity behind, and becoming a fish. Who's coming with me?
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    Potato crew unite!

    I think it's good for people to be reminded where we started. Especially new guys starting out, or just getting back into lifting after being away from the gym for years. I thought I'd start a thread that shows us at our worst. Unfortunately I don't have my absolute worst (phone stolen, didn't...
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    Idiot meth head

    Don't be like this guy. Make sure if you're selling catalytic converters, that you don't also have your recreational drugs in the picture 😂
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    Watch out for "fake" HRT clinics

    I have no idea how true it is... but all I can say it's worth people investigating this on their own (beyond YouTube videos obviously). Taking 300mg of testosterone and only getting 1000ng/dL... sure it's possible, but maybe your clinic is scamming you too. If your clinic insists you have to...
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    Meet Send0 - AMA

    Recently I was asked a pretty interesting question by a user, and it got me thinking that maybe others have questions they want to ask me about myself. I've provided some unanswered example questions below. As I said they are just examples, but you can ask me anything. I might not answer all...
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    @metsfan4life , posting these pics just for you. I wish it was a 4 player cab.. but oh well. If your mom says it's okay, I'll let you join as player 2 😁
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    UGBB Iron Giants - Member Recognitions

    I will be starting what I hope will be a new tradition here at The Underground. The UGBB Iron giants will every 3 months; so 4 times per year. Things can get busy in our personal lives and as a result most of us are not able to keep up with everyone on here, their success, transformations, and...
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    Megan Elizabeth dead at age 28

    Looks like this one happened / was announced 3-4 days ago. We clearly have a problem in our sport 😢
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    Guy Cisternino retired

    Just passing along news of the day 🙂
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    Send0 Reloaded - a recovery log

    I've been avoiding making a log, because I'm lazy... but here I am anyway. This log isn't to really track my workouts, instead it's to track and address some issues I've observed in my body over the last 3 months. I need to resolve all these issues before I consider another blast (hoping around...
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    Home gym getting updated

    Finally pulled the trigger to update my home gym to take advantage of some space saving equipment, which in turn will let me fit even more gear in my small 14' x 12' space. There's actually more I wanted to buy, but I decided to stop here to see how much room I have left after I set all this up...
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    Do macro nutrients matter? (video)

    I frequently see the question asked if macro nutrients matter. Usually these are by beginners, and people on the board respond stating to focus on making sure you get enough protein and to focus on calorie intake. I rarely comment, because I know these statements are made to keep things simple...
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    Proof, even cheap power racks can be safe

    Proof that even a cheap power rack can totally save your ass. He doesn't call it out, but I believe the rack in the video is the Fitness reality 810xlt.
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    Hypercriticality in the fitness industry, and personally to each other

    Some of you may see me jump on a post where I see an attack on another member. I think this video from Vigorous Steve captures a good portion of my feelings on this topic/perspective. I admit that I still have growing to do in this area, but changing this behavior and being positive/supportive...