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  1. Bobbyloads

    Pretty good interview with steroid dealer lol

    If you guys don’t listen to this guys podcasts you should he has a lot of good ones this one’s pretty good so far story of a steroid dealer lol
  2. Bobbyloads

    Blood work questions

    Glucose 118 Glycohemoglobin 6.0 Triglycerides 462 Bio test 580.4 Free test 24.8 Test 735.1 Prob should up dosage no? Been taking around 250/week was hoping to be around 1000 They gave me cholesterol meds but prob need diet more in check to lower the pre diabetes I’ve been at for years lol...
  3. Bobbyloads

    The Grey Man Netflix

    Don’t wanna jinx it but about 30 minutes into the movie and so far amazing. If anyones being lazy might be a good option to turn it on.
  4. Bobbyloads

    Anyone actually listen to Jelly Roll?

    I knew of him for a while now but have not really listened to his shit.he’s been on a shit load of my podcasts lately and I decided to go down a rabbit hole of his music and it’s amazing.
  5. Bobbyloads

    Shoe inserts and pump covers 🤦‍♂️

    Ok first thing shoe inserts: Been dealing with planter fasciitis for many years finally just decided to but the Dr Schoals inserts and after like a month or 2 of wearing them will always put them in all my shoes no matter what. Literally the first day of wearing them I felt so much better...
  6. Bobbyloads

    Anyone take HCG regularly?

    I started taking the shit 2 times a week for a few weeks now and I feel great and the boys are back lol Never rally did the shit before should probably research more on it cause I wanna take this long term if possible. Let me know your experience please.
  7. Bobbyloads

    Sure throw a DB at someone’s head and I’d be the asshole.

    Tired of these fuck boys hogging up work out machines. I did 3 sets 7 times and this douche bag the whole time was on the smith machine. Maybe if he was constantly working out but relaxing taking his time playing on the phone during rush hour at the gym. I had to say something or it would eat...
  8. Bobbyloads

    Carpel tunnel from HGH

    Upped my dosage a few weeks ago and starting to get bad carpel tunnel anyone get this? Gonna lower the dosage and see if it calms down but it’s at the point where I’m having difficulty typing this. Can this be reversed or I’m screwed?
  9. Bobbyloads

    Well the rebuild started already I can do this

    First official week of actually doing shit that generated profits. Last few weeks been setting up getting everything in order getting equipment etc… Feels weird being use to a job and being comfortable to having your life shook and demolished at 1pm emergency meeting on a random Wednesday out...
  10. Bobbyloads

    What a fucked up month March was.

    🤦‍♂️ Started with a neck strain that limited me on working out for about a week. Then on March 23rd 1pm emergency meeting at work and my department gets closed down 🤦‍♂️ a profitable one at that which paid me extremely well 😢 they decided not to don any more rail and consolidation. It did...
  11. Bobbyloads

    It hurt my heart seeing her in this shape :0(

    It hurt my heart then my back lol just bad luck jumped on a tow truck trying to pull out kids car seat and messed my back up 🤦‍♂️ Mechanic spun out hit the same car 2 times smh
  12. Bobbyloads

    I have to remind my self once in a great while that I’m not young anymore

    Man drinking and partying is a young man’s game. I have to remind my self once in a while why that is. When I was in my 20’s I could of partied for days went to work made it through the day and back to partying. Now 1 night and I’m crippled for days. Shit ain’t worth it anymore recovery time...
  13. Bobbyloads

    Telling you guys air fryer at your office

    Man last week 3 of 4 days I was here used had Monday off This week aiming for 4 of 5 with Friday chipotle day Shit is delicious
  14. Bobbyloads

    Damn Ninja dual air fryer I bought for work is awesome

    Was so excited today gonna be making most my lunches fresh at work from now on bought the air fryer so I can have fresh healthy food packed with protein daily
  15. Bobbyloads

    My kids Xmas present is best gift I got my self lol

    Dude this shit is crazy the Oculus VR shit great work outs any one do this? Think I found my new cardio routines 5 min I was winded. Might actually stick to this do it after the gym everyday.
  16. Bobbyloads

    Happy baby Jesus day eve you filthy fucks!

    You know what I’m actually enjoying the holidays this year which is super weird. Work is slow this week and next been taking half days and days off son has been coming with me to work bought the fine and myself something nice and not letting shit get to me this year and gonna try to enjoy the...
  17. Bobbyloads

    Today was a good day

    Today I got another year older and usually have shitty b days but today was different. There are a lot of haters at my job and phonies. I’m cool with a few people and really tight with just a couple. Between them and my family today I felt really good today and these days you don’t forget about...
  18. Bobbyloads

    Anyone else hate the holidays?

    Fucking hate this time of the year my b day then Christmas then New Years. 🤦‍♂️ Always had shitty christmases as a kid never got what I wanted my dad always started fights with my mom ate nasty ass food and it is cold as fuck and it snows. Now I’m older work dies during this time it’s still...
  19. Bobbyloads

    Ah shit finally made it to Rogan been waiting for this! More plates more dates lol
  20. Bobbyloads

    Finally got the Covaids 🤦‍♂️

    Well it happened got the shit now looking for the Joe Rogan “Kitchen Sink” treatment just found the Monoclonal antibodies place gonna cost me $300 about to shower and drive 60 miles to get it thank god for insurance just got off the phone with them for out of network er visit. Then gonna look...