first cycle

  1. B

    First Cycle Opinions? Hair Safe(ish)

    I'm a 25 year old natural lifter, about 6 years lifting in total and the last 2 years lifting seriously (i.e. weighing food, researching like crazy, and logging lifts). Deadlift PR = 475, Bench PR = 325, Squat PR = 405. Peak weight was 205 at 6ft at around 12-15% BF%. Unfortunately, a few months...
  2. U

    New guy looking for community.

    So just gonna go out and let it be known I’m a pretty easy going guy. 25, into music, got a whole production studio. I love mycology, active in culturing out a few almost extinct species. I love festivals and music and friends. Thought I’d hop on here trying to make new friends instead of...
  3. S

    In Need of Intelligent help ( first timer cycle)

    I have been struggling with my weight and metabolism for a very long time, I have been training with weights and doing boxing conditioning for around 2-3 years and still is impossible to achieve my goal body, being 5”8 115 pounds at age 20 I am determined to do a cycle for just around 1-1.5...
  4. TylerDurden

    Time to take my physique to the next level

    Hello UGBB community, After lurking for a long time I have decided to create my own account and become a member of this knowledgeable forum. I am 26 years old and have been lifting for quite a while now with the past 3 years being the most optimal (training/nutrition/lifestyle wise). I am...
  5. D

    Newbie in need of advice

    So i just started cycle Sustanon 250mg per week D bol 25 mg per day And I need to know how much nac I you guys think i should take to keep the d bol from wrecking my liver im looking at 1200mg per day 600mg in the morning and 600mg at night but Isk if thats enough of to much any advice?
  6. C

    My first cycle - helpful tips and advice

    Good day to you all, Ladies and Gents. I'm a lifetime natural, I've trained 3/4/5 times a week since the age of 21 and now I'm 35. I've had great results over the years and have naturally gone from about 75kg in my 20s to 92kg in my mid 30s. I'm not super lean, but I'm in good shape. After...
  7. S

    Where to begin

    So I have been on this forum all day reading and trying to find information on possibilities for me. I am trying to start my first cycle. Yes I do regularly work out and eat right and sleep well and almost 30 years old. I have been weight training since high school. I have come to a point where...
  8. T

    1st Cycle Test E -> Gained 19 lbs > unexpected side effect!!

    Here goes my experience: i'm 34 years old 6'1" 167 lbs BF 16% trained for 4 years when i decided to start my first cycle 4 weeks ago. (my diet is on check) - Got Testosterone Enanthate 250 mg/ml from a well known UGL. - Tested using RoidTest kit which was 100% positive Test E. - started...
  9. A

    First Cycle - Asking for Advices, Tips, Experience

    First Cycle - Asking for Advices, Tips, Experience Hello everyone. I will do my first (bulk) cycle soon and I´m sharing the cycle with a friend*. (*He´s a lazy ass strenght man, doesnt know anything about roids and he doesnt want to, but we are good friends.) We both same height (1.77m), same...
  10. N

    Test E cycle question

    Hey guys I’m still new to the forum but I got a few questions I could use some help with. I’m 5’9” 180 lbs been working out for years but new to some of the body building stuff. I’m on my first cycle taking 250 mg test e twice a week for 10 weeks. I’m on week 5 and my nipples feel sensitive as...
  11. camille94

    First Cycle - Input and Opinions

    Hey guys, new to the forums but been lurking in the shadows for a while now. I'm about to start my first cycle and wanted to just post pics as well as my stats to share the journey with y'all. The Macros in the kitchen are already dialed and am mentally ready for this. Age: 24 Weight: 206...
  12. Overwhelmed2

    What up, swole boys?

    Hey guys. I've been enjoying your forums for a couple months, so much info that other forums are afraid to discuss openly! I'm ready to dive into my first AAS journey. I've been skinny my whole life and after 2 years of working out, I've reach a bit of a plateau at 170lbs 16% body fat (I was...
  13. A

    Thoughts on what I should add to my first 350-400mg test cycle

    Hi everyone, my stats are: 25 years old 6'4 tall 85 kg/187lbs 12% bf Lifting 5 years, tried winstrol in the past, did 10 week 100mg anavar only cycle when I was 23, no pct, didn't get shut down but was a bit supressed in the final 2 weeks but recovered fine 1 week later. Anavar Plus: - Muscles...
  14. MonkeyBusiness

    First Cycle plan and dosages

    Hey guys, I've mostly been lurking/doing research but I think it's time to take the plunge - figured I'd post this up and see if anyone has recommendations. NYC-based here and planning to get gear online. Yeah, I've read all about how it might be under-dosed etc. My current stats: 29...
  15. L

    Planning first cycle- hgh/primo/text prop

    Planning my first cycle, already using pharm grade hgh about 3ius a day for the last month, will have been on hgh 3 months when I start cycle. This is a small clean bulking cycle I should mention. Looking for 10 to 15lbs of 90%keepable results. Im thinking of running primo at 300mg for first...
  16. S

    What do you prefer as a first Cycle?

    Hello :) So I was looking to do my first cycle because after 2 years of training i do not get any progress to my Body.. Soo I would like to know what you guys prefer to use as a First Cycle. I still have a lot of Fat so it would be Nice if it is Good to Cut aswell.. Thanks :)
  17. B

    First cycle

    This is going to be my first legit cycle I did tbol before , my goal is to put on some lean mass, and bring down my bP dont want to mess with orals no more but wanted to know the best newbie cycle for lean dry gain and how to pin nit here for the jokes or down talk
  18. U

    first cycle; test only vs test + dbol?

    Just wondering what is everyone's opinion to a test only first cycle vs a test + dbol first cycle. I'm asking this because the wiki on the steroids subreddit recommends a Test E only cycle, with the main purpose being you can set a baseline for how just testosterone reacts with your body, so if...
  19. U

    First cycle ever: oxandrolone

    Hi- names uhhh thee dude �� Skip ahead countless hours of research- I would like to run a cycle of Oxandrolone... dank, delicious VAR. the good stuff �� If ya know what I'm talking about, and that's it, along side my current regimine of bcaa, protein, arginine, and...
  20. M

    First cycle help

    Hi im 18 starting my tbol oral only cycle in a few days, spare your words about me being too young and that choosing oral only is wrong and that tbol is shit. i just have a question about dosage. since im 18 and its my first cycle ( been going to the gym for rough 2 years) do i really need high...