1. M

    Newbie: greetings all!

    Hey everyone, I'm an Australian 26 year old who's been on trt for about 5 years with occasional intermittent mild blasting (chuck in orals occasionally, test moves between 160-300mg and occasionally mast). I actually originally joined this forum to look for decent Australian sources but after...
  2. J

    Better late than never!

    Hey y'all I finally made an account and joined, I've been lurking for a few months just reading and such, but I finally decided to jump into the mix. Little bit about me, I'm 19 years old, 5'10" 193lbs, and about 16% bodyfat (idrk what it really is because I have genetic water retention issues)...
  3. A

    Hi! 25, high metabolism about to start 2nd cycle

    Hi peeps. Thought I should start joining communities instead of just lurking as I have for the past year. I've always struggled to put on weight and decided to start my first cycle (500 test e a week) Oct-Dec 2020. I put on 15 pounds but unfortunately lost half of that since the new year. I did...
  4. B

    Hi all , short intro of myself

    Hi all , Hope whoever see this is well and nailing whatever goals they have , Forgive any formatting issues as on phone right now please , Intro of myself , 26 y/o male , Played rugby more or less all my life till about 21 (damn concusions), Got into powerlifting and was obsessed for 4 years...
  5. dahcchad

    New guy on the block 👋🏻

    Hey y’all! Came across this forum searching for legit stories from guys who have tried all kinds of stuff to gain muscle. I’ve done a few cycles before (back when my ex bf got the stuff for me lol) and loved the way it made me feel and changed my body. Hope to contribute what small amount I can...
  6. T

    New guy

    Hey ladies and gentleman im new here im 30 years old at 5'7 180ibs im looking to learn anything i can i wont pretend that i know anything that i dont im just looking to grow and learn. I read the rules as well and im about positve vibes and the pump. Im from Jermyn Pennsylvania
  7. Rahn


    Hi guys. Newbie here. I'm relatively new to lifting. I did some lifting in school. 13 years later, here I am looking to get back into it. I'm facing some barriers I didn't have before. Namely a gut and lack of hormones. I never used gear in high school, but now I find myself on TRT with alot of...
  8. D

    Newbie 6-10-20

    Whats up everyone. Been following the site for a while but decided to register and post, finally. Covid fever i guess.... Day 3 back in the gym since surgery back in 2017. It's been a while but i'm getting back into things after getting fat. Have to change my life. It's a lot harder after...
  9. Tatlifter


    Hello All, I'm 34 years old 5'10" 185lbs I have been consistently working out and dieting for 11 years, all natural. I use protein powder and creatine and try to keep a healthy diet as well. I have a certification in personal training through the NFPT and studied for nutrition but never...
  10. M

    My Introduction

    Hello everyone. I'm 36 and I have been working out pretty steady for about 4 years. I'm 5'11 about 185lbs. I'm at about 16% body fat, trying to cut. I decided to try my first cycle, but it is not going well. I am joining to learn more and figure out what I'm doing wrong and what I can do better.
  11. J

    New to Bodybuilding

    Hey guys I'm a 22 y/o from the pnw and have been an avid powerlifter for the past 6 years. I love working on cars and lifting more than anything in the world and I can't wait to get started with everything bodybuilding and this website have to offer. I'm looking for some nutrition help so if you...
  12. T

    New Guy on the Scene

    Hey yall! Figured I would get an intro posted so I could start getting acquainted with all of the members here. Little bit about me is I've been working out for 5 years now, and I've been seriously lifting with the intention of strength and size for the past 2 years. I recently made the...
  13. K

    Hello ug

    New to ug.. my name is Jeremy, I’m 30 and live in tx. Power lifted all through hs, lifted heavy in my 5 years in the army, and started doing more cardio( CrossFit type training while in prison.). I’m 6’3 280. I’m tryin to cut some weight and tone up, and altogether just be more healthy. Just...
  14. N

    Beginner StrongLifts 5x5 log

    I'm going to be following the StrongLifts 5x5 program for about 12-16 weeks. I'm mostly interested in my strength gains so I'm not going to be taking pictures or making any measurements. I'm interested in doing this because there are lots of loonies out there claiming you can gain 40lbs in a few...
  15. N

    Plan for newbie on the first cycle

    Hello everyone, I am a newbie and I come to this forum to get your helps. Currently, I am 25 years old, 173cm in height, 86kg in weight (I get used to use kg and cm in my country). I have trained for 2 years and this is actually the second time I am in a cycle. Last time, I use winstrol to cut...
  16. S

    New guy in town

    Hey guys what’s going on. This is my second cycle I am about to run but my first time on this website :). My new cycle is probably going to be test-p tren-a anavar winny not sure about the dosages yet, maybe you guys could help me out? side note- I know a lot of you will say stay away...
  17. C

    Osuk - onlinesteroidsuk com

    Hi all - new to this - I have ordered previously from osuk and got some letrozole good as gold - however I went to get more and the website was down - anyhow a few months later it’s back up, but all revamped and new, it all looks a bit too good to be true, can anyone tell me if they have ordered...
  18. I

    Hello everyone! I am glad to be amongst like minded health gurus.

    Hey, my purpose and intention is not only to obtain as much knowledge and education on advancing the mind and body but to also give back that knowledge and experience to everyone out there who is mature, professional and honorable. I am a Marine vet who is trying to get back to as close as...
  19. M

    First Time New User

    Backstory - woke up one morning and had a serious look in the mirror. I was 6ft 265lbs. I decided to change and ate healthy worked out everyday, literally just did cardio and never lifting a weight, and got down to 205lbs Currently - well I thought I could start cutting or the gym and eating...
  20. M

    Minny, Anava, Test Newbie

    Backstory - So one day I woke up and had a good, long, hard look in the mirror and I was disgusted. I'm 6ft and at the time 265lbs. I decided it was time for a a change and ate right, went to the gym everyday, and did basically nothing but cardio, literally no wight training. I ate healthy...