1. G


    Doing my best to stay sane out here lol. Heard decent things about valkyrie. Curious if anyone has experience?
  2. V

    Gear Powder: PRICE CHECK

    No price lists
  3. Computerman91

    Bulking: Enhanced Vs. Natural

    Before I begin let me clarify that I am not natural. I have done two cycles. I am wondering if there should be a different approach to bulking on steroids vs natural. Maximum muscle gains is the ultimate concern in mind. During my bulks I have always been very very slight calorie surplus...
  4. Brewly

    Brewly - Worldwide Marketplace

    Hey guys, We're very happy to announce Brewly steroids to you guys today. What is Brewly? It's Amazon for gear, but here's the fancy answer: Brewly is the response to the voiced difficulty of finding steroids online. With great, genuine steroid sources spread allover the place, it's...
  5. A

    lambjabpharma dot com USA Domestic.

    Hello Brothers and Sisters, I am here today promoting a relatively new site with amazing test results and very nice oils! Lambjabpharma dot com specialises in its customers. The good people at Lambjabpharma will go above and beyond to satisfy their customers including...
  6. Enforcer

    Nuclear Labs formerly known as the D-Line and Goldline

    The D-Line, Goldline after being busted have resurfaced as Nuclear Labs now posting on ProM, BOP and ASF. Be very careful, David Esser was busted several months back by the feds and is likely attempting to make money to pay legal fees. Amazing he is willing to begin sourcing again and risk will...
  7. L

    Shipping steroids from mexico?

    I have a friend who lives in Mexico most of the year and would be willing to ship to me provided I was able to set up an anonymous mailing address. How would I go about doing that? Would a USPS box be anonymous enough even though setting one up requires id to be verified? Is that necessary...
  8. T

    Anabolic Guide: The Perfect Cycle

    This forum is an incredibly rich source of information and if you're patient and studious, you can find literally everything on the subject of anabolic steroids, but on case you're one of those that don't want want to search, question and research, look up Anabolic Guide: The Perfect Cycle on...
  9. C

    Test E, EQ and Proviron Cycle Help?

    Week Test E Equipoise Proviron 1 1000 mg/w 400 mg/w 2 1000 mg/w 400 mg/w 3 500 mg/w 400 mg/w 4 500 mg/w 400 mg/w 5 500 mg/w 400 mg/w 6 500 mg/w 400 mg/w 7 500 mg/w 400 mg/w 8 500 mg/w 400 mg/w 9 500 mg/w...
  10. Y

    Do Site Injections really make a difference?

    Do injection sites really make any difference? I have read from different sources that injecting in certain areas will promote more growth and development at the injection site. However, I have also read that it does not matter at all where you inject. For oil bases I am pretty sure it does not...
  11. M

    Issue with Gyno!

    Hey guys, New member here. A bit of info about me: 32 years old 105kg 6'3" intermediate user of steroids in the past and been working out regularly since I was around 14 years old I have an issue at the moment with Gyno, I have had very sore lumps behind the nipples for around 11-12 months...
  12. C

    My first cycle - helpful tips and advice

    Good day to you all, Ladies and Gents. I'm a lifetime natural, I've trained 3/4/5 times a week since the age of 21 and now I'm 35. I've had great results over the years and have naturally gone from about 75kg in my 20s to 92kg in my mid 30s. I'm not super lean, but I'm in good shape. After...
  13. P

    Dianabol the blue heart pills ?

    Hey guys I’m willing to take 50 pills of dianabol my question is i can take only with proteins and it will take side effect for 100% it’s my first time taking steroids
  14. G

    Dutch pharma?

    I had some of the injectable dbol and test e 250. It was good. Any members tried there products?
  15. M

    low dose cycle

    gonna keep this as short as possible while typing with one hand: 20yrs, 6"3, 200 lbs, 15%BF currently have a broken wrist which means legs only for 3-4 months im already great size for being 3 years natty, im surprised there have been a couple people who asked me if i "took shit" only...
  16. S

    Armani Anabolics source

    Has anyone had any good or bad experiences with Armani Anabolics from SST forums? Now I know I'm going to get flamed for having only 2 posts and both are only asking about peoples experiences with "sources" but I figured id give this a go anyway since this isn't meso...
  17. D

    1st Cycle review

    So I'm new here and will probably *uck something up as far a procedure or rules. I hope to just share info on my experience so far on my first cycle. 50 year old guy who loves to workout and found it hard to maintain mass. Decided to try a cycle and see what happens. Was told to go on Test...
  18. H

    First d-bol cycle / post

    Hello, this is my first post so hope I’m in the right place. in a couple of days I am starting my first D-BOL only cycle (yes I know don’t do it without test - however it’s my first cycle I just want oral only). I am planning on taking anywhere from 20-30MG a day for 6-8 weeks. In terms of...
  19. C

    Serious Muscle Mass and Get Bigger & Stronger with 100% Legal Steroid Alternatives? Really?

    Serious Muscle Mass and Get Bigger & Stronger with 100% Legal Steroid Alternatives? Really? Hey All, Can someone really get serious muscle mass and get bigger & stronger naturally with 100% Legal Steroid Alternatives? Seriously? Can it really work? The company says you can pack on some...
  20. C

    Peak Deca Gainz?

    Posting a new thread to see what week you guys experience your peak deca gainz? When do you start to notice peak muscle gain???