tren e

  1. P

    New to Tren Ace, recommendations ?

    love me some tren e, but i got some tren ace coming, i know its gonna be a pin EOD situation which i hate but thats all he's got right now. what is a good starting dose of tren ace?
  2. M

    1 inch lump

    Hello, this my first time on any forums. I'm running my first cycle. I am 3 weeks into it. The last 3 times I spiked , I got a lump, they weren't too sore and didn't get red so I left it. I think they were a little warmer compared to the rest of my body. This time I spiked I got a harder more...
  3. I

    Tren enanthate stay into suspension--need help

    Have you ever encounter problem when you cook tren enanthate? I found that my tren got crystallised. Is any problem with my recipe? :confused: Recipe: 250mg/ml 10G Tren E. 8ml bb. 1 ml BA. 30ml gso Help! Help! Help!
  4. Gt500face

    Tren E, Cyp cycle

    I'm currently in my 8th week of my tren e and cyp cycle. I've run tren a before but I lost way too much weight, so I decided to try Tren e on this run. I'm running the tren at 500mg per week and I was running the cyp at 750 per week but decided to bring the test dose down to avoid sides. So far...