1. Bigflexxa

    What is the “why” behind why you workout?

    Okay what is your why or what helps keep you going to enjoy the process? I think for me for a long time the only thing I had was the gym and it was what I looked forward to and I just went workout to workout. It kept me going which is why I LOVE you or koi go out for that.
  2. K

    How’s my routine?

    So I have 3 separate days: shoulders, triceps, biceps chest and back legs My sets for each are 3x12 with 30 second breaks (I’m mostly working out to keep a good lean look) i start each set set with a weight I can hardly do 12 reps with. Depending on how easy it was i’ll Start the next set...
  3. D

    Lifting partner in PA

    Anyone from around King of Prussia PA area? Like to get a lifting partner...
  4. J

    New and need advice

    Hey I’m John 24 years old 6’1” 175lbs. I’ve been in the gym consecutively now for about 4 months and have put on about 10 lbs but looking to jump to the next level. With my current situation (work/location) I am only able to eat 3 meals a day and then a mass gainer shake (and tuna whenever i get...
  5. D

    Specific abs exercises

    Hello, Im Peter :)<br><br>Im a beginner bodybuilder, who's working on his abs. I have diabetes and Im using an insulin pump with an infusion set on the upper side of my butt-cheeks. It functions well, but doesnt allow me to do typical exercises for abs that require lying on my back, such as...
  6. A

    what are u training?

    Hey guys,this could be fun to have a thread were we could post what we have trained evry day.. Yesterday did shoulders and triceps Started with seated presses 5x10 superset dips to warm the tri's up front lateral raises 5x15 superset tri push downs side lateral raises 5x15 superset skull...
  7. B


    Expensive hype or worth the science? I just got their multivitamin which seems pretty good. Like that the oils r in the cap with the vitamins. I searched and only found one reference to the pump pre workout. It looks pretty good and has the one good review. Just curious if anyone out there...
  8. B

    progress update :)

    Hey All, Ive been following my diet and workout for 3 months now, and i thought it was time for a little update. Some of you really helped me in terms of diet and motivation for which i thank you all! in 3 months time ive gained weight but lost bf % which im more then happy with hahah Let...
  9. A

    My High Volume back (PULL WORKOUT) for mass... what do you think?

    Total of 19 sets for back, 3 for rear delts, 3 for traps and 7 sets of hammer curls. This is the second cycle of my pull workout (so its revolved around hypertrophy hence the high amount of reps/sets and volume), during the first half of the week i do strength based which is much less volume...
  10. GenetixSupreme

    Bill Pearls' Keys to the Inner Universe

    My mothafvckin brothas, So I have this book that my mother used for training in the early 90's based off Bill Pearl's knowledge of bodybuilding. He was the Mr. Universe title holder in the 1950's and was in really good shape for that era. He created this 600+ page book on hundreds of workouts...
  11. E

    Greetings from Houston,TX

    Hi all, I live Houston, TX & I'm looking for new partners to muscle up with. I been off and on in the gym for the past 3 years but started taking it seriously about 5 months ago. HMU if you have a 24hr membership & wanna go f#ck s#it up!
  12. T

    Get ripped Or die trying!

    Welcome to my new series about the workouts So let's begin : We all love to bitch about our gyms. They don’t have enough benches, the machines are always broken, and so on. It’s only when we’re forced to train at home or in a hotel that we realize what a luxury even the most average commercial...
  13. M

    Your opinions about that report that talk about How to double your gains PLZ

    Your opinions about that report that talk about body building PLZ Hello guys i want to ask you about if i create a pdf report That talks about the principles of bodybuilding if it will work .. Those are the main titles of My report : Not Keeping A Training Diary Training Beyond Failure Setting...
  14. M

    New member ask for help Folks '' get in ''

    Hello guys i want to ask you about if i create a pdf report That talks about the principles of bodybuilding if it will work .. Those are the main titles of My report : Not Keeping A Training Diary Training Beyond Failure Setting Outcome Goals Instead Of Performance Goals WHAT‟S BETTER...
  15. D

    Gain Muscle.. What suppliments to take while working out.

    Hi, I am 16 years old, 5'10", and 140lbs, I play baseball and hockey and I want to gain muscle to be a stronger player. I have a 24 hour fitness membership and I am in need of some help on what protein, preworkout, etc to take. Also I do not have a set workout routine to stick to which I need as...
  16. C

    Bodyweight workout advice needed

    Hello, I'm 20yo, 168cm (5'7), 55kg (120lbs), and have no access to a gym/gym supplies. I am very skinny and would like to get some more muscle mass. Here is my current daily workout, which is not working very well : I do 3 sets of 35 pushups a day (1x diamond, 1x with arms extended in front...
  17. A

    A little help with my workout routine

    Hi everyone, I can't afford going to the gym, so I decided to workout at home. I'd like it if you could help me build my routine. What I have in mund is: 1 - push ups and dips alternately (one set of push ups and then one set of dips X3) and afterwards 3 sets of sit ups. 2 - rest 3 - 4...
  18. C

    I need your opinion on my workout

    Whats up guys, so tomorrow i start my road to summer, i weight 178 right now, maybe 20% or 22% body fat. I have some muscle because all i have been doing this 2 months is weight lifting, besides, my upper body has always been big, genes i think. So imma do this 13 weeks, 90 days challenge to see...
  19. C

    teenage bodybuilder

    Hey guys, subscribe to me on youtube, I'm trying to start a movement
  20. N

    How to gain most sufficiently as an ectomorph?

    Hi, Over the course of the last 2 years I've been training on a semi-serious level and gained roughly 7 kg's of muscle. When I first started my eating pattern was as that of any other average 20 year old that just moved out -> crap. After doing some reading up here and there, I came to the...