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    Crystal Method for Fina (Pics)

    By: vpiedu

    i have used this method several times and find it quite easy to do and decided to include some pics along with it. in the pics i prepared 3 carts so i will include the amounts for both and try not to confuse anyone.

    ok, i took 3 carts fina, methyl alcohol MA, benzyl benzoate BB, benzyl alcohol BA, distilled water (make sure you store your water in the fridge so it will be very cold when you use it), coffee filter (i ordered research filters but received some coffee filters in a sandwich bag), piece if copper wire which i used to push pellets out of cartridge, a few 20ml syringes, a few 21g and 25g needles, a pint mason jar, 2 800ml beakers, 4cup pyrex measuring cup, small and large funnel, many whatman syringe filters, assorted sterile vials sealed and unsealed, sandwich bag, rubber bands, glass stirring rod.
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    just wanted to add that when you are handling the Methyl Alcohol please use rubber gloves. this is pretty gnarly stuff and you do not want to inhale it or have it touch your skin at all. the human body lacks the ability to break down MA and it is toxic to us. please exercise caution.


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