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I seriously hate to hijack this thread but my question is in line with the topic and I would love to pick BiologicalChemist's brain for a moment. I know vets hate when new guys come in acting like they know their shit, so I'm going to both avoid that and coming off like that.

Im 26 years old, 208lbs at 5'9. Been training consistanly over the last few years and tuning in my diet.

I'm about to run my first cycle, not looking to take any short cuts. Looking for constructive critism(tell me when im being an idiot). Here's what i've put together.

Weeks 1 thru 12: Test Cyp 500mgs/week, split into 2 injections Monday & Thursday.
Weeks 1 thru HCG: Arimidex .5mgs EOD(?)
Weeks 15 thru 18: Nova 40/40/20/20
Weeks 15 thru 17: Clomid 150mgs/Day 1, 100mgs/Day 2-8, 50mgs/Days 9-22.
HCG: Injecting 500IUs ED starting after last Test Pin for 10 days, leaving 3-4 days for the HCG to clear my system before starting PCT.

I have two questions, aside from how does this first cycle look? Should I start my AI the day of my first inject all the way until I begin PCT? And will my HCG be sufficient?
ur a bit too young to be fukkin with aas, that being said...
armidex .25 eod should be good but you need to get bloodwork to know for sure. pct sounds like overkill, check the beginner cycle stickies dude. start ur own thread. post up and respect the bruthas here. welcome