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    Female Pro Bodybuilder Rhonda Lee Quaresma Arrested for Prostitution

    The Lee County Sheriff’s Office conducted a prostitution sting in the Bonita Springs area last night, targeting prostitutes that advertise on the internet. One of the women arrested was professional bodybuilder Rhonda Lee Quaresma.

    The 42 year old Quaresma is a resident of Toronto, Ontario.

    She achieved professional status in the International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB) in the 1990’s after winning the Canadian National Championship, but only competed in one show as a professional, placing 13thin the 1998 Jan Tana Pro. Quaresma was chosen as the “Personal Trainer of the Month” in November 2010 by

    Quaresma had business endeavors outside of her bodybuilding. According to her website, the woman who called herself “Miss Sparkle” was available for “photo shoots, video shoots, dancing gigs, and really just about anything entertainment!” She appeared in the adult film “Body Builders in Heat 16” in 2009. Quaresma talked about her escort work in a 2009 interviewfor the “Sex and Muscle” radio show saying “I do standard session work which consists of a more sensual erotic experience. I will do some fetishes or special requests if I am comfortable with such!" She listed her Florida travel plans on her website as: Bonita Springs- March 8-13; Miami Beach- March 13-20; Ft. Lauderdale- March 20-24; Orlando- March 24-31; Bonita Springs- March 31-April 5.

    According to the arrest report, an undercover deputy made contact with “Miss Sparkle” and was told to meet her at a Bonita Springs hotel. A price of $280 for an hour was agreed upon. The deputy was greeted by Quaresma, who was wearing pink lingerie. The deputy was told to leave his “donation” on the table. After he placed the money on the table, Quaresma grabbed the deputy’s crotch. He asked if she had condoms and she pointed out condoms and lubricants on the nightstand. After some discussion about specific sex acts, the deputy gave the pre-arranged signal and uniformed officers came in to arrest “Miss Sparkle.”
    Quaresma was booked into the Lee County Jail. She was released on bond with a court date of March 29, 2011. Because Quaresma is a Canadian citizen, Immigration and Customs Enforcement was notified of the arrest.

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    Re: Female Pro Bodybuilder Rhonda Lee Quaresma Arrested for Prostitution

    Sucks for her.

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    Re: Female Pro Bodybuilder Rhonda Lee Quaresma Arrested for Prostitution

    What's up with her forehead?

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    Originally Posted by Sterolizer View Post
    What's up with her forehead?
    Fivehead... Acromegaly?
    "Overzealous dosing" -Jin

    Rest in Peace Robot Lord. First round of Natty Boh is on me when I make it up there with you brother.

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    Re: Female Pro Bodybuilder Rhonda Lee Quaresma Arrested for Prostitution

    I never saw here at the soup Kitchen bastards are holdin out on me!

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    Allot of female bodybuilders sell there bodies for money. They don't make anywhere near the amount of cash males do in the fitness industry. Kai Greene ****ed a grape fruit for money. You have to do what you have to do to make it in this world and the fitness industry. Lots just don't get caught.

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    I would pay ten, maybe eleven monies for a "more sensual erotic experience" with the DLB...just sayin'...
    "Look at all these slave masters posin' on yo' dollar..."
    Run the Jewels -'Ju$t'

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    Hello 2011.
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    Doesn't surprise me, given the fact there's rare few that can actually make a decent living from being bodybuilders.

    Saddens me she took that route though.
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