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    BCAA supplementation around the workout

    Bcaa supplementation around the workout.

    Supplementation around the workout is an ever increasing area for discussion. This article focuses upon pre-workout supplementation and the benefits that arise through the use of various amino acids and their co-factors.

    Branch chain amino acids are considered the building blocks of the muscle - they consist of leucine, isoleucine and valine.
    Leucine helps provide support to lean muscle tissue aswell as providing energy- specifically during training, furthermore leucine actively opens a pathway known as Mtor which stimulates muscle protein synthesis.

    Isoluecine- helps play a role in the production of heamaglobin which is obviously essential to any athlete as this carries oxygen to the working muscles.

    Valine- this plays a role in aiding the immune system aswell as detoxification of nitrogen in the liver

    Bcaa's are the three of the eight essential amino acids that the body cannot produce itself, therefore must be acquired through food to allow for maximal muscle growth to occur. Bcaa's are considered to be the most important amino acids for growth as they account for 35percent of muscle mass. Furthermore they form antibodies and carry oxygen throughout the body. Of the three amino acids Leucine is considered to be the most anabolic, this is due to ability to induce and insulin response. Insulin is accountable for the uptake of circulating blood sugar into the muscle and liver aswell as the uptake of amino acids. Due to the importance of Leucine it is needed in higher percentages compared to the other aminos to allow for optimal protein synthesis to occur, this is due to leucine being a limiting nutrient.

    What are the actual benefits of ingesting bcaas pre workout?

    During exercise the body is in a catabolic state, at this stage protein synthesis is halted, however through the ingestion of bcaa's protein synthesis continues which will aid in the recovery and repair of the muscle which obviously results in a larger muscle occurring quicker.

    Bcaas on their own are efficient at their job, however their efficiency can be increased through the combining of certain vitamins. I have used numerous products from different companies and In this case I feel at the moment Allmax's aminocore has the slight edge as it provides those co factors that its competitors lack. These include 7 energy releasing b vitamins from b3, and two types each of B6, 9 and 12 and fatigue reducing Alpha Ketoisocaproic Acid.

    There are alternatives to aminocore that will do an excellent job, these are scivation xtend which does have the added benefits of l glutamine and then alri's chained reaction which is equally a very high quality product.

    Jordan Peters, Bsc

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    Re: BCAA supplementation around the workout

    TTT for a good read

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