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    first cycle, need advice

    hey guys, i planning to start a test cyp, winny cycle, this gotta be my 1st cycl

    week 1-2 test cyp 250mg
    week 2-8 test cyp 500mg
    week 6-9 winstrol oral 50mg

    adex on hand, will strt frm 3rd week if required

    Liv 52ds and finpecia(for hair) from strtng of cycl till the end of pct

    Pct- novldx n clomid aftr 2 weeks of last test shot,

    Stats- 24, 5'8, 65kgs( hope nrml fr an asian), working out for 4yrs, training includes weight training and casthelics combined

    Feel free to advice abt any changes in the cycle, or if u would want me to wait a lil longr to strt the cycle
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    I would do a couple of things differently
    First, start at 500 on day one, there is nothing to be gained from running 250 for weeks, if anything you'll go backwards
    Run for at least 12 weeks. I started to see my best gains around 10 weeks on my first cycle, Don't stop just when it's getting good.
    I would buy enough test so you could run 600/week for 16 weeks. I'm saying you should, just that it's always better to have more on hand.
    Personally I would run low adex from the start and bump it up as needed. start at maybe 0.25 EOD but double it if your nips start to itch of get puffy. People's estro sensitivity varies, so use as much as you need.
    I would drop the winny all together, but if you do choose to use it, add NAC on top of the Liv-52, 1200-2400mg/day is a good place to start
    I'd also recommend adding HGC

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    What the Sponger said!

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    Just run the test @500 I would also drop the winny. Not that it's bad but if u start having sides it is nice to know which compound they r coming from. Running it at the end is a good idea because if sides start then us would know but really around 5-6 weeks is when I start to feel the test.
    I'm also a little different than most I try to wait a little longer to start pct to know that all the test is gone before restating my system.
    Stay consistent!

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    I am 9 weeks into my 1st cycle.i went with 25mg of dbol preworkout .none on days off for 6 weeks.500 mg split 2x a week .I have gained a ton of strength so far.plenty of size.i plan to go 18 weeks on the test.i am very happy with the results so far just keeping it simple the 1st time

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    Forgot to put its 500mg a week of test e.

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