These Chest Building Secrets are sure to aid in the development of your pecs. The chest is one of the harder muscle groups to develop and it is no wonder why the professionals keep their chest secrets under tight wraps. In this article, I unveil 7 chest secrets that will help anyone looking to get a full, straited chest.Chest Secrets #1 – Routine Change

One of the biggest kept chest secrets of the pros is that they change up their training program frequently to prevent reaching a plateau. Most people rely and even become comfortable with the same routine. The workout becomes not as challenging. Less muscle activation is required, resulting is slight muscle stimulation and development. When it comes to bodybuilding, change is good!
Chest Secrets #2 – Rest-Pause Technique

It is a simple technique that allows you to reach a certain amount of reps with a desired weight. For example: if the weight used was 200lbs for the bench press and your max reps was 6, this technique could be used to reach the goal reps of 10…
  • Start out by doing 2 to 3 reps, then rest for a short period
  • Repeat for another 2 to 3 reps followed by another short rest
  • Continue this process until you have reached the desired number of reps.
The purpose is to perform more reps with heavier weight in a slightly longer time period. This in turn will overload the muscle for increased stimulation and growth.
Chest Secrets #3 – More Reps

Like we said in Chest Secrets #1… “change is good”, and changing the reps is no exception. Just like the ‘lack of change’ in techniques, people often find themselves stuck on the same rep range.
Most individuals are married to the idea that 6 to 10 reps is the only rep range that will spark muscle growth. Wrong! If you have never worked outside this rep range before, give it a try. You will be surprised how well your muscles will respond by decreasing the weight and increasing the reps.
Chest Secrets #4 – Drop Sets

With Chest Secrets #2, we talked about rest-pause and how to extend your set with more rest between reps to push the muscle past failure. Well with drop sets, you push the muscle past the point of failure but with little to no rest in between your reps.
To perform this technique, do as many reps as possible till you reach failure. Then with little to no rest, decrease the weight by 20 to 50% (percentage drop depends on the exercise and what works best for you). Decreasing the weight 2 to 3 times in the last set of the chest workout will work wonders to fully exhaust the muscle.
Chest Secrets #5 – Partial Reps

Partial reps is another great technique used to push the muscle past the point of failure. Plus, it’s easy to perform. Simply rep out as many reps as you can and once you reach failure, pump out short reps (quarter reps or partial reps). Smith machines are great for this particular technique.
Another chest secrets that are held in high regard is the location of the partial rep. When performing these quarter reps on the top half of the range of motion, the triceps are activated more then the chest. This will result in failure of the triceps before the chest. By performing partial reps in the lower half of the range of motion (near the chest), you will target more of the chest. Thus taking the triceps out of the picture.
Chest Secrets #6 – Pre-Exhaustion

Pre exhausting the pecs involves isolating and targeting only the chest muscles before preforming your compound movements. By isolating the chest muscles, you take the smaller muscles out of the equation (shoulders & triceps) and will be able to fully stimulate and fatigue the chest.
Chest Secrets #7 – Push Ups

I know what your thinking…
  • “Push ups are for beginners”
  • “I can bust out 30 to 50 reps with no problems”
  • “They are simply not challenging enough to stimulate muscle growth”
Well… push ups when done correctly can and will stimulate muscle growth when you perform them at the end of your chest workout. And I guarantee you will not be able to do 50 push ups after an intense chest routine. It’s a great way to finish up any chest routine.
Chest Secrets Final Thought

Many of these chest secrets are not for people with big egos who want to bench press a ton of weight and are not concern with muscle growth. All of the above chest secrets have one thing in common… To assist in maximum chest development.
Henry Chervenka