ANABOLICS 10th Edition

I hope everyone is enjoying this festive time of year. I wanted to make just a quick post to let everyone know that ANABOLICS 10th Edition is finally available… and the latest edition is the biggest book yet – a full 816 pages! ANABOLICS is approximately 2 inches thick this year (it’s one LARGE book). The hardcover version is a tad bigger than the soft, of course. There are a number of changes I’m proud of, especially the new advanced counterfeit detection techniques. I think it is really going to help a lot of people out. If you want to take a quick look inside the new book, the table of contents and many sample pages can be viewed by clicking the cover below.

If you want to buy a copy, make sure you use the code MDA10 on our website at This will give you 25% off the retail price and free U.S. shipping (shows in the shopping cart as an additional $10 discount). This will be up for a limited time, so act soon.*Note that due to the large size of this book this year, it no longer fits in a Flat Rate Mail envelope. As such, shipping costs are now higher for international customers. If you know a store that might want to carry ANABOLICS in your area, please contact us and let us know.