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    Quote Originally Posted by #TheMatrix
    There's a guy who was using a tanning bed with some missing tubes.
    Turns out he used melanotan and ended up with racing stripes and un even tan.

    True story
    Quote Originally Posted by bronco View Post
    i have heard people speak of the stomach issues, but didn't know it would make you horny. Interesting

    You know this guy?
    That was me and actually the tubes were working but no longer admitting the right light (ie: the bulbs were old) I joined a tanning salon for a unlimited month membership a few doors down from the gym I go to and used the standup unit for the rest of my tanning sessions. Everything evened out and still looks great. I did have to put a sock over my cock and balls to prevent them from getting to dark though.

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    very good review and experience sharing!
    so MT-2 is powerful than mt-1?

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    Excellent info and very accurate to my experience I started with 1mg a day and the first inj I thought I was having an allergic reaction face was flush beat red and stomach was knotted like a bitch! Second injection less face flush and stomach was still knotted but for only about 20 min first time was about an hour. My wife puked on it! 3rd injection no flushing and stomach knotted for only about 5 min.

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