A Tri-City powerlifting champion facing trials in Benton and Grant counties for allegedly delivering steroids is back in jail after prosecutors claim he mailed steroids to California.

Ryan Shawn Kennelly, 37, had been out of the Benton County jail after posting bail on a $25,000 bond. Judge Craig Matheson revoked his bail, changed it to $50,000 and set bail on his new case at another $50,000.

Kennelly was arrested in December and charged in Benton County Superior Court with possessing with intent to manufacture or deliver anabolic steroids. He has a similar case pending in Grant County Superior Court.

Kennelly, who set a benchpressing world record in Kennewick, was arrested again and charged with delivering anabolic steroids. His trial on that charge is set for Nov. 28.

Kennelly is accused of sending 89 vials of anabolic steroids from Kennewick to Marysville, Calif. by UPS on Aug. 1, court documents said.

California Highway Patrol detectives seized the package and found the vials inside. The return address had a telephone number which was the one Kennelly gave the sheriff's office when he was booked into jail in December, documents said.

His attorney, Kevin Holt, asked Matheson to release Kennelly on the new charge or make bail the same $25,000 he already posted.

"Ryan Kennelly is a lifetime resident of the Tri-Cities, with the exception that his family also owns a home in Moses Lake," Holt said. "He has family in local government and law enforcement around the Tri-Cities. I don't think there's any threat he's going to flee the community."

Holt said Kennelly has severe health problems and is being housed in the medical facility in the jail, which is "an inconvenience for the jail." He also helps his mother, who is 80 percent blind and needs transportation to and from work at Kennewick General Hospital.

Deputy Prosecutor Art Bieker said he wanted Kennelly's bail revoked in the first case and set at $100,000 in the new case.

"His fingerprints are all over the inside of that particular package," Bieker said. "The fact that he's here or that he's a resident of this community simply cuts the wrong way. He's here and he's continuing ... to offend with a third matter."

Four latent prints identified as belonging to Kennelly were found on the packaging material wrapped around the vials of anabolic steroids inside the package, documents said.

"We ask the court to revoke bail in the earlier matter," Bieker said. "Whatever we've done to this point has not gotten this defendant's attention."
Holt countered that the court had Kennelly's attention and said he deserves a low bail.

"He certainly does not," Bieker replied.

In the first Benton County case, Kennelly was jailed from Dec. 17-30, but was released after court Dec. 30 when his bail was lowered from $100,000 to $25,000.
He is accused in that case of receiving a shipment of steroids in the mail at his Kennewick home. Police seized at least 84 vials of steroids and seven packets of steroid chemicals that allegedly belong to Kennelly.

Federal postal inspectors tracked the steroid shipment to Kennelly's apartment.

Anabolic steroids, which are synthetic hormones that mimic testosterone and build muscle strength, are suspected of being used illegally in sports like baseball and powerlifting to gain a competitive edge.

Kennelly, who also has a home in Moses Lake, was charged in Grant County Superior Case in October 2010 with manufacturing marijuana and possessing with intent to deliver marijuana and steroids.

Kennelly is a 1992 graduate of Kamiakin High School in Kennewick. He has been lifting for 16 years and on Nov. 8, 2008, set a World Powerlifting Organization world record for pressing 1,075 pounds during the Pride Powerlifting Strength Wars competition at a Kennewick gym.