United States Attorney Stephanie A. Finley announced Friday that 10 defendants have been sentenced for their involvement in a large scale conspiracy to possess and distribute anabolic steroids in the Western, Middle and Eastern Districts of Texas and Louisiana.U.S. District Judge Patricia Minaldi imposed today’s sentences in federal court in Lake Charles. Bryce Thomas Meaux, 24, Christopher Keith Gass, 25, Tyler Jordan Kuykendall, 20, Shane Patrick Hinton, 23, all of Lake Charles; Blake Meche, 25, of Rayne; Canien Lee Matte, 24, Terry Duane Kuykendall, 24, both of Baton Rouge; Troy Newton Broussard, 27, of Lafayette; and Shane Keith Weekly, 24 of Lake Arthur were sentenced Friday for conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute and the distribution of anabolic steroids.

Gass was also sentenced for money laundering. Daniel Kent Bosely, 24, of Lake Charles, was sentenced on Oct. 5, 2011, before Judge Minaldi. Two defendants remain to be sentenced. Ronald Lee Bert Fontenot, 23, of Eunice will be rescheduled for sentencing at a later date, and Jordan Blake Berza, 26, of Lake

Charles, is scheduled for sentencing on Oct.r 27, 2011. The facts surrounding the defendants sentenced in this case are attached.

According to court testimony, these defendants were involved in a drug trafficking organization responsible for receiving several hundred 10 milliliter (10 ml) vials of anabolic steroids, numerous packages of anabolic steroid cream, and approximately 35 kilograms of raw steroid powder which was shipped from China and Germany.

Once the internationally shipped packages of anabolic steroid powder were received by members of the organization, the powder was then converted into an injectable form, bottled, labeled for distribution, and sold. This drug trafficking organization sold anabolic steroids to individuals located in the Western, Middle and Eastern Districts of Louisiana and Texas. In total, approximately 7,000 10-milliliter (10 ml) vials of anabolic steroids were manufactured, possessed, and distributed by this drug trafficking organization.

More than 600 10-milliliter (10 ml) vials of anabolic steroids were seized from members of the organization through undercover purchases, traffic stops and search warrants. Agents also seized hundreds of empty vials, caps, syringes, three clandestine laboratories, and approximately one kilogram of raw steroid powder.

Approximately $93,000 was seized from members of the organization, the majority of which came from bank seizures on accounts belonging to Jordan Berza and Christopher Gass, to include $13,000.00 in cash seized from the residence of Berza. Berza was the co-owner of Planet Nutrition in Lake Charles with co-defendant Christopher Gass.

The business was utilized as a distribution point for the anabolic steroids. Berza also delivered and mailed steroids to many of his distributors. All monies seized by law enforcement from Berza’s residence and financial accounts registered to Berza and Gass represent drug proceeds from the sale of anabolic steroids.

U. S. Attorney Stephanie Finley stated, “The type of steroids being trafficked in this case were dangerous. None of these defendants knew what was in the substances they were getting.

Greed drove them to illegally import and sell steroids from China and Germany to anyone who would pay their price. Illegal steroid use is a problem, and my office will continue to prosecute those who participate in this type of illegal activity.” Special Agent in Charge of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Homeland

Security Investigations (ICE/HSI) in New Orleans, Raymond R. Parmer, Jr., said, “Seizures like these strike at the heart of criminal organizations by targeting the financial gain that enables their criminal enterprises to flourish. This case is significant and highlights the cooperative effort of law enforcement working together to dismantle these dangerous organizations.”

Special Agent in Charge, Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation, Jim Lee said, “Today's sentencing is a direct result of the excellent partnership IRS-CI has with the U.S. Attorney s office and other federal agencies. Together, we will continue to investigate and prosecute those individuals who are involved in money laundering activities in our community.”