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    Advice: Lean Muscle Gain? (Before/After pics attached)

    Hit the gym without any gear for a year and then skipped for 6 months due to graduation Now have started with my regular gym with just one BIG addition. AAS!!!
    Just got done with my first cycle (8weeks gain and then 6 weeks cutting)

    Before I took my 1st cycle I measured:
    Weight 163lbs
    Body Fat 23%

    Did my first Gain cycle with Oxandrolone (oral) + Sustagain + Cypionate for 8 weeks
    Then a Cutting cycle with Clen (Oral) 60mcg clubbed with T3 for 15 days (1 tab of each per day) along with Winstrol + Tri Tren + Primobolan for 6 weeks
    All through the cycle I was having 2 tabs of LIV 52, Vitamin E, Vitamin C
    Now I measure:

    Weight 158lbs
    Body Fat 18.5%

    Attached my before & after pics.

    So now I was looking if some of you could advice me on a good gaining stack that I could run for 8 weeks. I was looking to put some lean muscle/size in about 8 weeks. Any help from the pros?
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    Yep run clomid and nolva for 4 weeks. After that run a cycle of steak and potatoes til you're about 30 lbs heavier. During that time do some reading on here so you don't run some weird fuking cycle that makes no sense. Primo for 6 weeks? Your buddy that hooked you up with that cycle really knew what the fuk he was talking about. Welcome to UGBB.

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    Did you just finish this cycle? Have you ran pct? Like Colt said get some nolva and clomid asap.

    Also running Test, Var, Tren, Winny, Primo, Clen, and T3 for a first cycle and factor in the fact you are still a newb (1 year lifting followed by 6months off) your results are just not where they should be. You should be posting up your diet and training - I'd bet there are some very basic areas you can improve there before you run another cluster fucck of a cycle like that i.e. you should've been able to achieve those results with test & tren alone... idek wanna know how much you dropped on all the other shit
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    Nice results man. For a 8 week bulking stack test p npp and Drol sounds nice to me.

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    welcome man! I suggest refraining from any more cycles at this point and focus on your diet and training for a few years.

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    Welcome to the board. I'm just going to be straightforward with you.. I won't sugarcoat this as I see no reason to. You don't need another cycle.. you need to drop the idea of using AAS completely until you develop a solid foundation. And not only the physical foundation.. you need to do a lot of research on diet, training & supplementation as well. Because judging by your pictures & overall progress, I'm assuming you know close to nothing about any of those three subjects. Check out the diet / nutrition section and read up. If you need somebody to guide you, check out Helios.

    Based on your before & after stats, you lost 8 lbs of fat and gained 3 lbs of muscle. I would have expected much more .. Especially from somebody just getting back into the gym. What you've done with AAS could have been accomplished in a much shorter period of time naturally. More proof that AAS is something that should ONLY be considered when you have everything else dialed in...

    But again, welcome. You've come to the right place. All the knowledge you need to be successful on your journey can be found here.

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    Agreed with all the above ^^^^^^ that could have been an easy 15-20lbs if those compounds were used correctly
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