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    Counterfeit Steroids, Scams, UGs, will it ever end?

    Sometimes I’m really sad the fat man jumped, and sometimes I’m really happy for it.

    Couple of days ago I wrote about a site pretending to be Asia Pharma manufacturer that copied their site and simply added a store to it. In case it wasn’t clear, my point was that if Asia Pharma really intended to sell on the internet they would do it on their original site - or at least provide a link to the store. This way it is pretty obvious that the whole deal is a scam.

    Anyways, surprise surprise, British Dragon, The Father and the Mother (probably all the grandparents as well) of Underground steroid manufacturers published the following news couple of days back:
    Fraudulent British Dragon Domains
    As per our previous news about British Dragon counterfeiters here is another warning. is the only official domain of British Dragon. Any other domain that claims to be an official British Dragon domain, all other domains like britishdragon.ext (eg. www britishdragon name , www britishdragon ru) are NOT official British Dragon domains.
    For example, www britishdragon eu is a typical fraudulent domain presenting itself as an official British Dragon domain. The products presented and sold on the domain are obviously counterfeited and potentially deadly. An obvious sign of counterfeited product is the fact the products carry our official domain while the products themselves have mistakes printed on the label (for example, 7 year expiration period).
    All potential customers interested in purchase of British Dragon products should be warned that British Dragon does not take any responsibility for use of counterfeited products and the counterfeited products are extremely dangerous, potentially deadly. We will posts news of all new British Dragon production batches on as soon as the new batches are approved.
    Now, I don’t know what is going on in the heads of these domain-owners (OK, it’s sometin’ like this $.$) but what are buyers thinking? If you do google on British Dragon you’ll find 2.2 mil hits, and every other one is selling BD products, and they all look different. So which one is the right one? Probably the one at the top, dah. They all have one thing in common, if you check the domain on the vials, it will say . Which is hilarious since they’re all sold on different domains, and just about everyone is claiming to be the manufacturer. But these so called manufacturers are working on the success of the old BD, and although the people are aware of BD products, they don’t know they stopped producing years ago. If they knew that one owner is dead and the other one in jail that could make them think. So which BD seller to choose? None - the original is not producing an the other ones are fake. Still unsure? Read this paragraph again.

    This situation has its positive aspects though (besides the DON’T BUY BD PRODUCTS commandment). As it is harder and harder for even experienced Bodybuilders to choose which steroid brand to use and double so for a newb, it would be the time to make some form of a standard by which to measure legitimacy of a brand and their products. I do believe that counterfeiting itself is one of the criteria to consider. I think the counterfeiters and/or scammers are the most informed individuals of the quality and sales of products on the market at any given moment. So their actions in turn tell us a lot about quality of the original products. And as we know from general education, Imitation is the Highest From of Flattery. ERGO: If a company is widely counterfeited the original product must be good. If it is not counterfeited, it must be bad. (Btw, is it just me or did I only hear of Axio counterfeits when test of their products give bad results?)
    If we look at it on an example of Organon Sustanon (Schering now) - we all know ORIGINAL Sustanon is a product of very good quality. And it is a sad fact it is counterfeited in enormous quantities. Even much so, that although Organon makes gazillion of amps every year you are more likely to find a counterfeited Sustanon than an original.

    Unfortunately the endeavor of forming unified standards by which to judge the brands is destined to fail as there is no governing body that would unify in this. It is a sad fact that 99% of forums are setup with the sole intent of pushing the selected products of the forum sponsors, and most debates about different products will be locked, trashed, or erased. Don’t get me wrong, forums are great if you seek information on how to use steroids, but for determining product legitimacy they are very bad.

    So what’s the point of this post? Think with your head and use logic when deciding which product to buy. As Doctor S wrote in his blog, don’t mind paying more if the product is really good. In the end, it is still better to pay $10 for Sust that contains 250 mg than to pay $5 for a Sust that contains 50 mg or even nothing at all. And don’t you even consider buying BD from a counterfeited site.

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    Re: Counterfeit Steroids, Scams, UGs, will it ever end?

    Good read but want to point out that the british dragon press elease is even put out by a counterfeit site and seller! Yes the old site is the same but is merely expired and was picked up by none other than the king of counterfeits, the master of deception, and all things not nice!


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    Out of all the threads to get rando bumped, this one? Really??
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