After a massive steroid sweep this week in southwest Ohio, a lot of people are wondering just how widespread steroid use is becoming.
In the wake of the biggest steroid bust in the area in recent history, high school athletes are now in the spotlight.
Investigators say they found evidence that many of the performance enhancing drugs were being sold and used by students looking to get bigger, stronger and faster quickly.

“I can honestly say I’ve never seen a high school kid use steroids, but clearly with the things going on in the news, they are being used somewhere,” said Coach Aracri.

He told 2 News he spends a lot of time talking to teens about anabolic steroids and convincing them to stay away from the drugs.
“What we just do with them is show them that you don’t have to dig very deep to see some of the negative side effects on the inside and outside of your body to see why you shouldn’t use steroids,” a local high school football coach Andy Aracri said.