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    Insulin sensitivity

    How important do you think that is in terms of body composition? I know, I know, calories in and calories out make up most of your nutritional basis, followed by macrobreakdown. But what about little things such as this? Do you think someone who pays attention to it will be able to grow leaner than someone who doesn't for example?

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    It's absolutely important. If your sensitivity is shot, you will start getting fat, flat, soft, and your pumps will suffer. I've been there.

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    Its important when it comes to determining the right macros for you in relation to diet adherence.

    Insulin resistant folks do better on low carb diets, insulin sensitive do better with higher carbs (for training intensity to be maintained, etc).
    So if you put someone who's insulin sensitive on a low carb programme, they will feel like shit and therefore more likely to simply stop following the programme - same goes for insulin resistant people on high carbs.

    I should add that training and dieting alone (regardless of macros) always improves insulin sensitivity anyway - that's why you'll find people going through prep increasing their carb intake, they can handle it a lot better from a nutritional partitioning perspective.

    However, insulin sensitivity alone DOES NOT mean that you will get fat if you ignore it - caloric balance always wins here & anyone saying otherwise is simply wrong

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