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    What gets me is here in Florida.. we were the pill mill capital of the US.. NOW all these ****in kids are dying on heroin.. but they would rather go after this than spend money bustin H dealers.. go in the hood and get the real killers... win THAT war on drugs

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    I have been a nurse for 15 years, 13 of that in the emergency department, i have treated i dont know how many people for a heroin or other drug overdose and have seen countless more dead from it, not once...NOT ONCE have i ever treated someone in all those years for being on steroids!

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    The hypocrisy of LE confounds me. I personally know police officers who utilize aas. I also know of 4 major uga's in as many years that have been busted. Is the nation's crime rate lowered because of it. That would be a big **** no for the answer to that question. No one is breaking into a house to get their next cycle. Stop wasting resources and tax paying money on futile operations just to justify a budget and be able to claim that you're doing something.

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    Smokes and mirrors, all about the money game. They empathize with H users and claim roid rage.

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    according to an interview with Dorian Yates, he emphasized that the most intelligent and successful users of AAS are some of today's most working and richest Movie Stars. their is a demand and a desire for this. but to supply and achieve this Movie Star success, you must break the law.

    According to Dorian one of these movie stars will make more in a year than most successful BB in their entire careers. at this point if we don't see what an entire crock of shit this agenda is. you are purposely not accepting the simple truth.

    I have seen entire swat teams on juice, under cover detectives full of Tats, and some regular over 40 year old street cops that look like a 240lb human brick house.

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