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    What gets me is here in Florida.. we were the pill mill capital of the US.. NOW all these ****in kids are dying on heroin.. but they would rather go after this than spend money bustin H dealers.. go in the hood and get the real killers... win THAT war on drugs

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    I have been a nurse for 15 years, 13 of that in the emergency department, i have treated i dont know how many people for a heroin or other drug overdose and have seen countless more dead from it, not once...NOT ONCE have i ever treated someone in all those years for being on steroids!

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    The hypocrisy of LE confounds me. I personally know police officers who utilize aas. I also know of 4 major uga's in as many years that have been busted. Is the nation's crime rate lowered because of it. That would be a big **** no for the answer to that question. No one is breaking into a house to get their next cycle. Stop wasting resources and tax paying money on futile operations just to justify a budget and be able to claim that you're doing something.

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