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    my summer stack for contest prep

    i have not decided on dosages but here is what im thinking:

    hgh frag
    super mass tabs

    right now im 240-245 lbs all natural, so im going to use a progression attack for this cycle, ie not all at once, dividing the chemicals into stages ie recomp-lean mass-extreme mass-solidify gains-contest prep-maintenance etc etc...........

    i tend to grow into my size as my body handles the ergo stimuli, i hope to be 270-275 on stage when all is said and done. my food consumption is all natural no fast food or junk, maybe potato chips every once and a while after workouts so fat storage is at a minimum.......but even then i feel guilty, lol! a handful of chips make me feel like shit, lol

    what are some good doses for ipo and hgh frag and how often a day do i need to pin if i really want the most out of the product.

    i plan on competing in world championships and nationals within the next few years...........then take it to the next level with slin, gh, igf,mgf, sarms, and hiring a contest prep coach like hany rambod

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    Re: my summer stack for contest prep

    your going to need real test, boladrol is total shit - doesnt work. so if you havent bought it yet save your money. replace clen with albuterol. 5x safer, not as potent but again wayyy safer and works good enough. you will need a cjc or mod GRF with the ipam to get good results.

    also you will prolly need some IGF1LR3. IGF, Ipam, cjc/mod GRF, frag will what you will need peptide wise. test, tren is all you really need AAS wise. but some mast, var, eq, t bol would be nice also.

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