This is a brief excerpt from an interview with Dave Tate on bulking and cutting... Read this and then answer to whether you've been in a similar situation. I know I have been.

• You ever go out with a bunch of people for dinner when you're dieting? Isn't that a ****ed up situation?

Let's say you're at a table with seven people and everyone's ordering their food. You're at the end so you're ordering last. They're getting ribs, chicken strips, spaghetti, and whatever. No one in the group cares what they're ordering. The conversation stays the same. Then it comes to you and your first question is, "How do you prepare your chicken breasts?"

People start looking at you.

Then you order two plain chicken breasts with a side of broccoli with no butter or seasoning. The waiter writes it down and off he goes to the kitchen. Now everyone's looking at you like you're a freak.

They didn't care that your other friend was eating ribs. They didn't say shit when the guy ordered his chicken strips. So how is your meal selection any different? It blows my mind.

If you ordered something that was complete shit, no one would say anything. But because you ordered something to help you achieve a goal, it's a problem. And now for the next ten minutes you're having that stupid ****ing conversation.

"It's so easy for you to lose weight," they say. "I can't do it."

And you're thinking, really? Here I am at Outback Steakhouse ordering two plain chicken breasts and broccoli – which is gonna cost me 40 bucks by the way – and it's easy? This is something I want to do? You think I want to sit here and watch you ****ers eat wings and ribs? I'm here for your company, not to give you dieting tips you're not gonna listen to.

And the same shit happens when you're bulking, too.

Let's say you're at the same restaurant. They order their food. Then it comes to you and you get three racks of ribs and two sweet potatoes. They say, "Holy shit, do you eat like that all the time? I wish I had that kind of metabolism!"

And you want to say, do you seriously think I want to sit here and eat 36 ****ing ribs? Do you think this is going to be pleasant for me?

Three-quarters of the way through the meal you're sweating with napkins piled by your plate, the bones are stacked and are the size of the Eiffel tower. There's a heartbeat in your stomach. Then you finish eating and they say, "Well, I guess you're going to order dessert now."

All you're thinking about is how the hell you're going to get back to the car. Then you get to go home an hour later and make a ****ing shake before bed. Then wake up the next day and do it all over again for however long it takes.

That's why there's so few people who are doing this shit and why it helps to be around people with similar goals. They understand. It's a rare breed, man.

Yeah, you can stay in the middle, take some supplements here and there, take time off for whatever reason, change your program every other week and stay absolutely the same as you are now.

But that's bullshit.