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    Quote Originally Posted by elena View Post
    i use the knee sleeve in squats too. and i think you should do it everytime you squats.
    Explain why.

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    inzer belt definitely left me with bruising but it gets broken in after a while and I love it now

    it helps a lot if you roll it up as tight as you can then flip it over and roll it up again as tight as possible... helps loosen it up, really stiff when brand new

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    Quote Originally Posted by TODAY View Post
    Explain why.
    I have lots of knee issues and find that the sleeves keeping my knees warm helps versus squatting without them. I can squat without them, but I prefer my knees nice and hot. Same thing with bench pressing and elbow sleeves.

    I deadlift with my knee sleeves too, but not the way you think. I turn them upside down to drag the bar across my shins.

    I will need a new belt soon and will more than likely go with an Inzer. I lost so much fat since I started lifting again in 2015 that I am down to the last hole that I can use in my current belt.
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    I have a prong and a lever belt from general leathercraft. Absolutely love them. I've been having some elbow pain so need to find some sleeves. Getting older blows

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