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    Quote Originally Posted by BRICKS View Post
    If anything the increased RBCs are going to help your oxygen carrying capacity. When I started taking test my cardio improved noticeably
    I'm with BRICKS on this one. I was running at the time I started and could see a notable improvement. I can't speak for Equipoise but I can say that Tren will kill your wind. As for Clenbuterol, I think it's a wash; what it does for your lungs is lost in what it does to your heart (IMHO)

    A factor I think that is over looked by too many is body weight. Lugging around just 5 extra pounds can have a detrimental effect on your long distance time.
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    blood doping , epo are what the pro's do . I have used gw501516 and it's said to help though I won't speak to it. My cardio did go way up however, when I was using it I had a lot of room for growth in the running dept. Clen or any bronchodilator should help but there usually stims that are hard on the body so that's the rub there.

    Set pace goals and crush them weekly . You should just shave time every run until you hit the numbers your looking for. Try besting your run by x amount of seconds every run divided by the amount of time you have to reach your goal .

    good luck
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    More cardio helps your cardio. I stopped running for over a year and now it is hard to run a mile. And I signed up for a marathon in 6 months. Not sure what I was thinking.

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    True anything that increases RBC count will help but consider that effects on blood pressure also. Winny will not make you hold water and is a great anabolic that will increase our strength and help retain your muscle mass. also the winny and deca work well together.

    What will help with your cardio is pushing yourself in that area.

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    I'm lost what is cardio and this running thing you guys are talking about?

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