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    That must be some trt program to be 5'7" 240....
    HRT for life!

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    Well how bout a new guy post something. I'm new basically, used 5 times over the course of 5 years 5 years ago so here I am trying to pick up the peices. First run I was 22 or 23 yo somewhere in there couldn't break 190lbs I'm 6'2 so I juced had no fn clue what I was doing, hadent ben brought into the fold yet. I'm 245lbs at probably 20percent bf and want to jump right back in. I could go on but feel I would be getting off topic. I've kept up with this guys u tube stuff a little and what I've seen I like but first off let's all agree no 17yo in the world should be on gear for rec purposes. I think the guy is guniunin but where he is lacking is his ability to be fully open. In my opinion this stems from his beliefs of what could potentially at some point translate into leagl ramafacations. So I'm not haiting but this video just didn't do it fore me and for the reasons above maby that's why he falls short for some. BTW! I never really lost any of my gains so for me cycling has worked thus far but that's another topic.

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    I think hes right about doing the right thing and don't make the wrong choice for long term , good video for new people looking into gear

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