I'm was to 233 on the dot today. I'm definitely beginning to think I'm just holding a lot of water weight. I hope that's the case! Can't wait to see the results a week after I stop taking the dnp. So that means so far, I'm down 8 pounds in a little over two weeks which I suppose is about average results, but nothing compared to my last cycle. Workouts are in the **** GUTTER. I'm getting to that point where I feel like stopping, not because I'm having any adverse affects, but because I'm tired of the best and lethargy. Plus not banging my girlfriend sucks and she now makes me sleep on the couch!! Oh well. Despite the scale not really reflecting anything significant, I believe I feel a good deal less fat on my stomach and I think my abs are getting more definition. I have 15 caps left, so I guess that means one more week!! Thank god it will be over. So my goal of 200lbs doesn't seem reachable now so I'm gonna shoot for 215. Thanks to anyone checking in. Feel free to post any questions comments or concerns!!