I have not yet taken the plunge into aas. I have done one longish cycle of 12 weeks of sarms. Started with osta and s4 for a planned 8 weeks. Source from sarms1. Then I came across what I believe to be a more trustworthy source for LGD in capsule form locally. I could be wrong about trustworthy aspect but this is actually beyond the point. Cycle was 12 weeks total, 4 with costa, 8 with LDG and 11 with S4 (and took days off on the S4 to address slight yellow tinge side effect).

I improved both my clean and snatch as well as my highbar back squat doing an oly lifting cycle 3 days/week with an occasional 4th "bro workout" added in 2-3 times month. Not sure if gains were just from a good program or combination of it and the sarms.

I was scared of sides/pct so when I made my original order, i got both liquid Clo and Nolva. Have been taking them 2.5 weeks. 50/50/25; 40;40;20. I swear I am bigger now than at the end of the old cycle and I weigh less!

Is this more proof that sarms are bunk? Am I actually getting a bit of increased test from action of clo/nolva? Other thoughts?


P.S. my mood is anything but "weepy" from this combo, actually, seem more aggressive than normal as of late.