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    dnp first timer advice?

    5'5 190 17% 29yo

    While I have not used anything near dnp, I have used aas a handful if times even though the compounds are completely different.

    Currently I am using 50mcg of t3 ED splt into 4 doses of 12.5mcg (read it was more effectvie that way)

    A buddy, who just ran dnp told me I need to run it. I have read a decent amount on dnp, I am going to run it regardless, so, any advice would be great. Goal as much fat loss as possible.

    Now, I only have 11 pills at 250mg each. While some seem to run it for 3-4 weeks, I will not be doing so. I don't have that much.

    So, my questions are, is it a bad idea to continue the t3 or will it be ok (since it can raise your temp a few degrees)

    What would the best way be... 250mg for say 3 days then 500mg after til gone or just keep it at 250mg for 11 total days?

    Currently on a keto diet to carb deplete before switching to a dnp style macro. (From what I see many use more carbs to maintain energy.)

    Any tips and answers will be appreciated.

    I am not going to use this compound haphazardly

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    11 days worth? This is a waste of time. Go get more.
    Rest in Peace Robot Lord. First round of Natty Boh is on me when I make it up there with you brother.

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    For future reference, whenever someone comes in here and says
    "I'm going to do (insert uneducated topic here) regardless"
    You sound like a ****ing spoiled millennial brat. Go do your own damn research if you're gonna be a cuck.
    You can't inject wisdom

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    Quote Originally Posted by PillarofBalance View Post
    11 days worth? This is a waste of time. Go get more.
    not even 11 days worth. He has 11 pills and wants to run 3 days @ 250 then bump to 500 so he will only be doing it 7 days.
    in my opinion its pretty pointless, but as you pointed your gonna do it regardless so i agree with Tool

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