I have been on a few forums and I always hear how deadly dnp is and all that. This site is the only one that has facts not based off computer gurus haha.

I had read to run dnp no more than 7 days, but I see a few of you running 4 weeks.

I gained a bit more fat that I care to admit and I read on dnp for a while, really going back and forth on it, but I feel ok with it.

Currently I am laid off so I don't need to really leave my house lmao so energy isn't a huge concern.

I'm 28, 185 lbs 5'6 17-19% bf I aim to get down to 10% I dont know if DNP will get me there at one run, but Ill take what it gives me. Currently I have been dieting and using clen. I figured I would do some research and do some dnp before it gets too hot outside amd before I go back to work.

What would you guys/girls recommend dosage wise and length? Anything special I need diet wise or just eat and try to not over do carbs and such?

Any advice would be great. Meanwhile I am going to read some more logs and try to get more info.

Thank you for your input.