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Thread: Shoulder pain

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    Just a quick think, if ya got some lumber laying around, cut them to 24" lengths and start stacking them up like bricks nailing them together to get required bar height for racking/unracking. On that lay bar will need to sit on, cut 4 chunks to nail on as bar stops so bar cant roll off the blocks forward or backward.

    Even when my shoulder gets better its forever going to be a staple exercise, the emphasis on the chest is amazing, especially when doing it flat legged. My bad sticking point is just off my chest, so i was able to handle more weight for more reps than i could think of using a bench. When i was researching the floor press, it was all mutually agreed that once you go beyond 90* that the load is almost all of the shoulders, well not all, but it places them under extreme off angle loading and isnt good for the all.

    Another option if you got $200 you can part with, i bought this body solid power rack from jesup gym equipment just up the road from me. Its not fancy, not awesome like a rouge unit, but it was the only one thatd fit my low basement ceiling and sky is the limit, saved my bacon many times too trying that 1 more rep thing

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    Sounds like to me that you would benifit a hell of a lot more from the floor presses compared to regular benching. Maybe It help me get a better chest.
    I like that body solid power rack I'll have to get me one some time I can use that for a squat rack and the floor presses and barbell presses it would be a perfect addition to my gym
    Hopefully they will hire me soon at the UFA so I can start investing more into my gym lol

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